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Dare To Wear The Biker Shorts Trend?? || We’ve Got The Tips For You

Shorts Trend-Tips

We are the generation that actually got to wear these biker shorts out and about and not just to the gym. Albeit, I personally was in my early teens when this trend flourished so it was fairly easy, however embracing this trend right now might seem like a bit of an issue …But since this trend is becoming prevalent might as well accustom ourselves to it right? So how can this be pulled off? Kim Kardashian can pull them off with ease but so did Princess Diana back then!! Some believe that once you try biker shorts there will be no going back so let’s find out how they can be styled….


Shorts Trend-Princess Diana


1 || Biker Shorts & Structured Blazers

Shorts Trend-Tips


Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, the Kardashians have all stepped out in this outfit combo. You can pair them with sneakers or white heels for an added punch.


2 || Biker Shorts with Oversized T-Shirts

Shorts Trend-Tips


This is probably a major throwback to those days when we used to wear biker shorts. We used to wear them with dad sneakers, the original version. You can still wear them with sneakers obviously but you can also update your look by wearing them with slides.


Shorts Trend-Tips


3 || Biker Shorts With Bright Knits and Barely-There Sandals

Shorts Trend- Kendall Jenner


You can follow in the lead of Kendall Jenner and combine your biker shorts with a bright loose knit top and sandals for a day or a night on the town.


4 || White Biker Shorts Can Be Dressy

Shorts Trend-Tips


Sports Illustrated model Damaris Lewis pulled off this look by pairing her biker shorts with a structured white blazer, a diamond necklace and Jimmy Choo x Off-White sandals.


5 || Biker Shorts Under Denim

Shorts Trend-Tips


Another major throwback to the early 90’s. Biker shorts under denim cutoffs, a checked shirt and Dr. Martens… Kurt Cobain would be soo impressed!


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6 || Biker Shorts With Thigh-High Boots

Shorts Trend-Kim Kardashian


There’s no arguing that Kim Kardashian basically owns this trend. Another fabulous take, and in my opinion very easy to pull off, is the pairing of biker shorts with thigh-high boots and a long cardigan.


7 || Biker Shorts Under Dresses

Shorts Trend-Kimmy


Biker shorts are very convenient to be worn under mini dresses or shirt dresses….again take your cue from Kimmy.


Shorts Trend-Kim Kardashian


8 || Biker Shorts With Button Down Shirts

Shorts Trend-tIPS


I have to admit this is probably one of my favourite looks, perhaps because it looks so practical and easy to pull off.


9 || Biker Shorts And A Cropped Top

Shorts Trend-Bella Hadid.


Biker shorts can be worn for a night on the town if combined with a cropped top and big accessories … they can be metallic as well a la Bella Hadid.


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10 || Patterned Biker Shorts

Shorts Trend-Reemami


Take your inspiration from Reemami Official and pair patterned biker shorts with a floral blazer!