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A Teddy Bear Coat Is Probably All You’ll Need This Season!

Teddy Bear Coat

Is it just me or don’t we all just LOVE the beginning of winter and all the cosying up it entails? Don’t you just love it when you’re all bundled up in your favourite PJs, with a fluffy blanket warming up your feet? Well guess what? You can still get that feeling with this new trend that is cropping up everywhere….the teddy bear coat! The fuzzy beauties are so on-trend right now that most brands have caught on and you will be able to find them in bomber jacket styles, oversized, bright colored, or caramel hued ….so will you or will you not?


Teddy Bear Coat


The teddy bear coat was first made popular by the trendy and hugely affordable brand I.AM.GIA, which became a hit amongst celebrities and Instagram folks. Their Pixie coat pictured above is an oversized caramel coloured coat, and has large front pockets and soft faux fur. Though caramel or camel if you like is a great neutral color that goes with everything, but the bright colored coats out there are so yummy and delicious that it’s worth venturing out of your comfort zone for. Here are some of our favourites.


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