6 Original Modern Kaftan Ideas to Suit All Your Ramadan Engagements

Modern Kaftan Ideas

Another Ramadan, another 30 days of kaftans to live through. What starts off as a welcome change in the kaftan department slowly turns into dread as we realize that everything we thought was ‘our little secret’ is actually what everyone was thinking as well. We bring to you 6 original ideas that might add a little spice to your Ramadan wardrobe.


Try and High Low Kaftan

We’ve been wearing high-low dresses for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to have translated to kaftans strangely…Try a high-low tunic that is actually shorter on one side instead shorter in the front. It will allow you to show off a great pair of pants and will also help show off your uniqueness.


Modern Kaftan Ideas


Wide-Legged Elegance

Denim and kaftans have had a good run, but its time to move on… A super-wide legged pant in a fabulous crepe georgette that doesn’t crease will add elegance to every kimono style kaftan you own.


Wide-Legged Elegance


A Long Skirt For A Change

Why do we always wear pants in Ramadan? How about a long fitted skirt that turns A-line after the hip. This is a great way of demurely showing off your hard-earned figure without rocking the religious boat. Add on top a high-low tunic as mentioned above and you’ve got a winner.


 Long Skirt


The Tunic Shirt Is The New Kaftan

With all the fantastically creative shirts out there by the likes of Monse Maison and Palmer Harding it actually makes sense that the shirt is the new kaftan. Add a pegged style crop pant and you are ready to roll.


Tunic Shirt


The Wrap Dress

The necklines of kaftans can be quite limiting, why not try a wrap style neckline? Think DVF but with a fuller skirt, it gives you enough shape around the torso, while still staying true to the oriental spirit.


Wrap Dress


Pass On The Embroidery

Yes you can wear a kaftan-inspired long dress that is not embroidered or printed… How about playing with silks and satins that have been manipulated in creative and modern ways? Certainly a change..


Modern Kaftan Ideas