4 Steps To Organize Your Wardrobe || Because The Time Is Now!

Step to Organize Wardrobe

No excuses, the time is here and now! This part of your to-do-list that actually needed days rather than hours to manifest is due right now! Have you got any excuse? We’re thinking No! Below is a step-by-step guide on how to tackle your overflowing wardrobe and declutter, organize in order to bring it back to its decent shape!


Step 1 ||  Empty

Take everything out of your wardrobe, and when we say everything, we mean clothes, shoes, bags, accessories you name it! We need you to completely empty your closet in preparation for the following step.. The hassle of finding a physical space that can take it all in will be a challenge! However, think of an unused space in your home where you can accumulate your wardrobe content. including what’s been squirreled away under your bed or in a chest of drawers.


Step 2 || Clean Up

You will discover that this now empty space needs major cleaning.. Get your cleaning detergents, vacuum machine and dusting tools. Take your time in cleaning what you consider home to your precious belongings.. Don’t forget the rails, shelves, even hangers.. Toss away all wire hangers! Now, invest in those lavender filled pouches, you can home make those btw, and store them in drawers, shoe cabinets and shelves.. You want dress up to have an aromatic feel to it from now on!


Step 3 || Divide And Categorize

This is the step that will consume most of your time, it might take 2 days to finally divide and categorize your clothes into sections.. Examine each piece and sort it into a pile. The number of piles will vary from person to person, but a rough guide is a) Wear all the time, b) Haven’t worn in over two years, c) No longer fits with lifestyle, d) Special occasion, e) gym wear, f) lounge wear …etc. For the items in the b) and c) piles, split into things to donate, things to give to friends or family or vintage pricey pieces to store forever..


Step 4 || Start Uploading

Study your space, how much space do you actually have? Now that you ended up with the clothes that you are actually going to wear, and depending on your categories, always devote the most reachable and visible space to your ‘wear all the time’ items and choose hidden sections for piles that fall under the category of ‘special occasions and keepsakes’.  To make your decision easier, consider work, weekend, gym clothing your priority… Some like to sort by color or outfits, I believe this makes choosing outfits more complicated, but the choice is yours..


Step to Organize Wardrobe


A Few Tips To Keep In Mind

  1. Visibility: The more you can see, the more you will wear and the less you will buy.
  2. The minute you take something off, put it straight back where it should go.
  3. If it doesn’t spark joy, if you don’t love it and it doesn’t fit, then it must go.
  4. Separate according to seasons. If you have a big space to keep both then you’re lucky, otherwise, find another hidden space to keep clothes that don’t match the season. Keep in mind that during chilly summer nights you might sometimes need shawls or a trench coat, keep those within reach!
  5. Keep knitwear folded and flat. Also dry it flat to avoid pulling and deformation.
  6. For shoes, If you have a lot of shoes in boxes tape pictures of the shoes to the outside of the box, so you know what’s inside without having to go through several boxes.