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The Tangle Struggle Is Real || 9 Tips On Layering Necklaces Without Tangling

Necklaces Without Tangling

We have posted an article recently on nailing the layered necklace look that is all the rage right now and we have received an amazing number of requests for a sequel. Well this is not exactly a sequel but more of a tips article so that you can achieve that trendy look without the associated tangle dilemma. Read below for our 9 tips that will help you keep your necklaces from tangling and bring your layered game on.


1 || Length

When deciding on your layered look start with one long necklace and add complimenting shorter ones. Aim for different lengths to avoid the tangles; ideally the necklaces should be 1 to 2 fingers apart when worn. The longer necklace should be a great help in keeping the peace.


Necklaces Without Tangling


2 || Weight

When stacking your necklaces you are definitely aiming for some form of balance and what better way to achieve that while avoiding the tangles than by adding a weighty item. Necklaces with stones or heavier pendants will weigh them down and keep the pieces apart.


Necklaces Without Tangling


3 || Thickness

When mixing various necklaces that are without pendants and are closer in length, aim to use various thicknesses as this will prevent them from getting tangled. The thicker the necklaces the less likely they will get tangled.


Necklaces Without Tangling


4 || Materials

Try mixing together different materials such as pearls, leather, and chains. This look not only adds an interesting visual but it helps in keeping the necklaces away from each other.


Necklaces Without Tangling


5 || Order

The order you use when putting on necklaces matters. We always start with the shortest necklaces but this isn’t always right. You should start by wearing the thinnest chains first so they won’t get caught in with the other thicker ones.


Necklaces Without Tangling


6 || Tightness

Yes, tight necklaces won’t get tangled. If you’re sick of the tangles but want the layered look, then try to wear a wrap-around choker.


Necklaces Without Tangling


7 || Linking

Link two necklaces together by putting the clasp of the first necklace through the links of the second necklace. This ought to keep them linked together so they don’t move over each other and get tangled.


Necklaces Without Tangling


8 || Necklace Extenders

These little extenders can be used to add length to necklaces and to control the tangles. Link the necklace extender through the clasps of all the necklaces you intend to wear.



Necklaces Without Tangling


9 || Slider Clasp

Get a slider clasp and enjoy some DIY. This is basically a clasp with multiple holes that can hold more than one necklace at the same time. You can attach your necklaces to this clasp by adding two spring clasps to the necklace so that necklaces can be easily attached to this detangler from both sides. These can be used with necklaces as well as bracelets.


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