The Summer Silhouettes that Matter

Summer Silhouettes

It’s that time of the year again, the beginning of a new season, and we feel the need to highlight the importance of silhouettes and not just fashionable pieces.  Not only is buying a new wardrobe wasteful to the environment and to your wallet, it is unnecessary.  If we know what silhouettes are trending, we are able to work with many of the pieces that we already have.


Silhouette 1

Man, I Feel Like A Woman

Summer Silhouettes


Just like us women come in different characters, so does today’s fashion.  The keyword however is ‘woman’.  We are no longer playing dress up, with men’s tuxedos that are better suited to men, or in biker jackets that constrict us.

This season’s silhouettes celebrate women.  They are more fluid, there is more room for movement, but they are also more complicated, just like us all.

Past seasons have brought us tidier silhouettes.  This season, one of the strongest silhouettes is a floaty dress (to show femininity) with a deep V (to show sexiness) and a strong shoulder (to show strength), you get the picture…


Silhouette 2

Denim is having a moment (or should we call it a tantrum)

Summer Silhouettes


There will be some denim heartbreak this season, with our favorite pairs shoved to the back of the cupboard.  No more skinny jeans, they are perhaps too constricting to our new found energy as women.  In their place a more relaxed denim, simply explained as Levi’s 501s.

Remember that kick flare on your cropped jeans, or boot cut, or dramatic flare on your wide legs? Well those are shoved to the back of the cupboard as well.  In their place, one of two.. A straight leg, because enough fuss already, or a dramatic baggy pant. A painful reminder of the Eighties.  A statement pant stating, I can wear ridiculous styles and still look good.


Silhouette 3

The Roomy Pant

Summer Silhouettes


Today’s woman doesn’t feel obligated to exchange comfort for sex appeal.  Gone are those tight fitting pants that constricted our movement.  In their place we have roomy pants, that are cinched at the waist to still show our femininity. Pockets in all shapes and sizes rule these styles, giving us room to organize and store like we love to do.


Silhouette 4

The Womanly Blouse

Summer Silhouettes


Blouses come in a number of silhouettes all of which are a reminder of our feminine side.  The most original is perhaps the square neck, Little House on the Prairie top.  A button-down, darted blouse that is only missing the ample bosom and the backdrop of Mid-West farmland.

There are also plenty of men’s shirt versions, they all have more room for movement, fuller sleeves and generally a deep V.


Silhouette 5

This is not a Men’s Suit

Summer Silhouettes


The woman’s form is finally taken into consideration with this season’s pantsuit.  Gone are the men’s proportions, these suits were made for women.  They are softer and more floaty, capturing our curves, and enunciating our waist.  The shoulders are still strong, but softer, they kind of hug the shoulder instead of sit on top of it.


Silhouette 6

The Summer Dress

Summer Silhouettes


Every style of summer dress is on trend this season.  The most popular daytime dress silhouette however is the soft fabric shirt dress.  It’s almost an acknowledgement that we actually have work to do, and a frilly printed dress is not the more practical option.  We can wear a dress, feel like a girl and still get the job done…