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10 Fall Trends That You Can Start Wearing Now!

Fall Trends

With the soaring temperatures I’m certain that fall trends are the last thing on your minds, but trust us when we say that fall is but a few days away!! Not literally, but if you want to stay ahead of the crowds like most of you always are, it’s time to give a few minutes thought to the fall trends you should be stocking on before the weather starts to cool down. Those of you fashion-savvy people must’ve paid attention to the trends that graced the fall runways a few months back, and by the time autumn looms closer we bet you will be served with a few more doses of other trends. For now, let’s round up the top 10 fall trends that you can actually start wearing now!


1 || All Shades of Pistachio

Perhaps this will overtake the all-beige trend and perhaps not! But there was an overwhelming presence of pistachio on Fall’s runways. Close observers of fashion will have noticed the gradual emergence of the color. Stock up and test run this minty hue now.


Jill Sander
Sally LaPointe
Sally LaPointe
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2 || Romantic Grunge

90’s babies will have a thrill come Fall. The 90’s grunge trend is back in full force but with a bit of a twist…a romantic twist at that! Combat boots with lace, chains and chokers with frills…take your pick. Opposites in this case attract with a vengeance.


Alexander McQueen
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3 || Drama Period!

Turn up the drama in period pieces. Go down history lane with puff sleeves, bustiers, capes, and Victorian ruffles. These will all be welcome attractions when it comes to dressing up this Fall.


Brock Collection
Ulla Johnson
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4 || Art Abound

Designers took a field trip to the museums for this particular fall trend. All clothing items benefited from this trend. Think watercolour paintings, splashes of color, and abstract art!


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5 || Lamé

An 80’s throwback if there ever was one. This party-worthy shiny fabric sneaked its way unto the runways and we expect will soon invade our closets.


Alberta Ferretti
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6 || Quilting

Though not exactly a summer-y trend but quilting is still a strong trend for fall and winter though designers took it to the next level this time around. Think of colourful coats and quilted pants and skirts and you’ve grasped the idea.


Rachel Comey
Cedric Charlier
Bottega Veneta
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7 || Knits on Knits

Another trend that is best served on a chilly summer night is a favourite cold-weather staple. Layering on the knits come fall will be all the rage. Layer on a knit sweater instead of a scarf and you’ll be the trendiest one around.


No 21
Christopher Kane
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8 || Feather Pitch

Even if this trend doesn’t excite you much but you can still try it out with your accessories, shoes, and bags.


Peter Pilotto
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9 || Florals

Yup, florals are still enjoying their long moment, albeit in Fall you can go darker for sure. Some say Fall’19 florals are more grungy than romantic.. go figure!


Miu Miu
Simone Rochas
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10 || Color Pairing

Experiment with color by mixing bold colors in one outfit or better pick something that already has dual colors in it. You may want to pair pink or red with another dominant color for maximum effect.


Gabriela Hearst
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