Is It Time To Get A New Pair of Running Shoes ? Try These 5 Tests

New Pair of Running Shoes

On my very first trip to the Running Company to buy a pair of running shoes I was badly told off when I asked the guy for the pink pair to try on. He reminded me that running shoes may be pretty, but they do need to fit you well and give you the necessary stability and shock absorption. I hit him back with a reminder that my run would be futile if I hated my shoes, so we came to a compromise.


New Pair of Running Shoes


So, now that you have finally sorted it out and purchased a pretty pair that work well for you, when do you know when it’s time to start all over again at the store. If you are a neat freak like me, your gym shoes may look brand new for years. You know the kind that refuse to wear their running shoes anywhere but on the treadmill…CIIN gives you 5 tests to try, you will instantly know when it’s time to change into new shoes.


1 || The Twist Test

Hold your sneakers in two hands, one holding the point the other the heel and twist them in opposite directions. The softer and easier they are to twist the older they are. If it’s not hard to twist them, it’s time for a replacement.


2 || The Push Test

Put your fist into the inside of your shoe, place your palm at the other end at the sole and push your fist and hand against each other. If they can feel each other it’s time to change your shoes. It means the cushioning that absorbs your running has flattened.


3 || The Tread Test

Look at the soles of your shoes, are there any wear marks ? If you are expecting to find your whole sole worn out, you will be replaced before your shoes. The wear and tear will only be visible at the places where your feet push down onto the shoe. You will need to do some detective work…


4 || The Pain Test

Running is a trying sport and can place extra stress on your knees and joints in general. It is therefore unexpected, unusual pain that you should be looking for. As your cushioning wears out, there will be more stress placed on your body and it will hurt…


5 || The Smelly Test

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter how neat you keep your trainers, they will start smelling with time. The culprits, your sweaty feet that encourage almost invisible bacteria to make their home in your sneakers. If they smell replace them.