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The Western Trend Ain’t Going Anywhere || Western Jewelry Is Next!

Western Jewelry

Have you caught the Western bug yet? If there is one trend that could define 2018 then it must be the Western-ised trend. Embroidered shirts, fringe, denim everything, and cowboy boots dominated the trends this year. And since jewelry is also becoming quite trendy and mainstream; it is no surprise that western-inspired jewelry is slowly but very surely creeping back into the fashion scene. Personally, I still vividly remember the days when hand-crafted silver pieces with turquoise inlay were THE jewelry trend to wear. You will say that this is a stark contrast to the minimalist yellow-gold jewelry trend that dominated the scene for so long and you are quite right! Statement-making Western jewelry may seem difficult to pull off at first but recent jewelry creations have brought edgy-chic minimalism to ethnic hand-crafted designs giving them a certain sophistication that deems them classic and timeless….traits you never thought to associate with this type of jewelry I’m sure.


Western Jewelry


You can start with a great pair of silver hoops or a statement sculptural ring to incorporate this trend into your armoire without coming on too strong. Pieces with hammered or perched metal detailing and oxidised silver will be on point. Keep in mind that hand-crafted jewelry will always feel personal and authentic so look for pieces that invoke these feelings in you. Jewelry, unlike clothing, has got to feel more personal and timeless. Our picks below combine chic minimalism with a western flair.


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If you still can’t get bought on the idea of silver then by all means stick to gold, and please add turquoise. Not only is turquoise perhaps the oldest stone in history and associated with authority and power. Turquoise is a stone of protection, and is thought to have healing and soothing powers. Hand-crafted jewelry with turquoise inlay are reminiscent of times past, but recent creations have metamorphosed to embrace the minimalist trend. This is the reason why your eye is constantly shifting towards daintier pieces that are definitely Westernised such as unadorned hoops and stacked dainty gold rings.


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Modern western jewelry can be just as easy to pull off as more traditional pieces, it all boils down to how you style it. You can either layer a number of such pieces if you wish to achieve a more bohemian look, or you can just add a few pieces and mix with modern or vintage jewelry to nail that enviable neck-mess everyone is talking about. If you aim to play up your neck game, then you have to pare-down your outfit, a crisp white shirt or a V-neck top will be ideal for displaying your look. Your aim is to look effortless and so on trend.


Western Jewelry