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Spring Jackets Guide || Swap Your Heavy Layers For Lighter Ones

Shopping for a new season sparks a different kind of joy. And with spring around the doors, it’s time to shop for it. We have summed up a lot of trends that are huge this spring to help you in your shopping journey. But we decided to leave jackets till the end, as they are the most noticeable item in any outfit.

Of course, you can’t put on your heavy winter jacket anymore, but still, you might need a lighter one or hmmm ones. From statement light trench coats to trending blazers, this season has offered us a wide range of choices to choose from.


1 || Are You Down For Silk?


What defines spring more than a silk jacket with a refreshing color? It is a really cool kinda warm addition to your springy outfits. Silk jackets are statements on their own, so make sure to keep everything else simple. Also, play around with textures, mix and match… Do not wear silk on silk for your day look… You don’t need to look like you are going out with your bedroom outfit. A printed, two colors, or solid one? Both are trending, Your call.


2 || The Cropped Jacket


If silk is too bold for you, you have a lot of other cool yet simple options such as the cropped jacket. Came in many styles and colors, this jacket is a must-have in every women’s wardrobe this spring. Dreaming of having longer legs? Pair it with your high-waist pants or jeans for a taller-than-ever look.


3 || Of Course… The Blazer


The Blazer is considered a staple item all year round, not only for spring. It’s a really versatile piece that can be worn casually or on your formal days. Add it on top of your dress, blouse-skirt, or pants combo and you are ready to roll. You can choose one with a belt to accent your waist.


4 || Knit Jacket


Yep, days get warmer during spring days but you still need a warm jacket for breezy days. For this look no further than a knit outwear. Wear them on to of your casual t-shirt and jeans, silk dress, or maybe your shorts and tank top.. The sky is the limit.


5 || Western-Inspired Jacket


This suede military jacket is your perfect addition to your spring looks. Choose it with cinched waist and button details for a piece that talks about itself and pair it with your tee-jeans combo for a really cool look, or with your white t-shirt and maxi skirt. You can style it up or down for your day or night out.


6 || The Floral Jacket


Florals are inevitable for spring… Not only on dresses but on jackets too. One rule, the bolder the better. This means you should add it to your minimal outfits to make it shine on its own.


7 || Leather Jacket


We love leather for warm days… They are trendy, cool and give you the perfect warmth you need on spring days. Long or short, belted or not, refreshing colors or more neutral tones, or hoodied or not… They have something for all of us.


8 || We Can’t Make It Without The Trench


Trench coats are so spring-friendly, they are stylish and light at the same time which makes them your perfect outwear piece during beach season. This season has brought more statement trench coats that can be worn as your trench and statement piece at the same time. Monochrome, colored, bold-sleeved, off the shoulders, this year’s choices are unlimited. Khakis, browns, and pinks are so trending for spring.


9 || The Shacket


The shacket comes in handy for warmer days. You won’t feel like you are wearing a heavy jacket that is out of the season, it is gonna feel like a part of your outfit, not an outwear. Choose it solid, patterned, or with plaids and pair it with your denim and booties to welcome spring with the perfect look.