Workwear Wardrobe Updates You Need In Your Life

Workwear Wardrobe Updates

We all love to people watch, other than the entertainment factor it hones our styling skills. When I visit corporate offices with a few minutes to spare I feast my eyes on the workwear fashion on display and although I see pretty things, to me it all looks the same.

A nondescript shirt matched to a cropped baggy pant (what my daughter affectionately calls a sho-ntalon (shorts and pantalon..get it?!) Then there is the “my bellbottomed pant suit needs super heels so sorry if I can’t walk.” Lastly there is the sexy secretary look; pencil skirt, shirt and jacket and heeeeeeels. It must be tough trying to come up with five unique outfits a week, I can only imagine the office dress-code restrictions. With the obvious not too short, not too open criteria in mind we have come up with a few creative ideas to spruce up your office wardrobe.


In Order to Wear A Kitten Heel You Need to Lengthen Your Skirt

We love pointy toed kitten heeled shoes, they are dainty comfortable and very classy if worn well. Try wearing a kitten heel with a knee length skirt and you have instantly gone back to middle school. Try this realistic heel, preferably in this season’s slingback style with a midi length skirt. We are loving the Victoria Beckham/Meghan Markle skirt, that they often wear. Fitted around the hips, usually in a cotton chino fabric. The skirt flares into an A-line shape. Match it to a pretty blouse and you are good to go.


Workwear Wardrobe Updates


Change the Shape of Your Pants

There are two currently trending pant shapes, the flared leg and the baggy crop. Switch things around a little with a slightly different shape. A paper-bag style pant works really well with a tailored jacket and shirt, you will need a decent heel though. Alternatively there is the pleated pegged pant which is quite helpful if you are in the mood for a lower heel.


Workwear Wardrobe Updates


The Sweater Jacket

Does your blazer feel like a straight jacket? You are not alone… Tailored jackets can get a little uncomfortable, and once you’ve tried a knitted blazer (aka sweater jacket) there really is no going back. If you worry that it might be too adult or too dated think again Gucci brought out two knit jackets this season and you know what that means!


Sweater Jacket


The 7/8 Sleeve Boyfriend Jacket

Yes it is not easy to pull off a baggy boyfriend blazer.. You almost need to be 2 meters tall. All that changes however when you alter the proportions. Take the sleeves up to 7/8th, match to a pair of fitted cropped pants add pumps and you are ready to roll.


Sleeve Boyfriend Jacket