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Winter Is Layers || Layer Your Outfit Like A Pro This Winter

Summer may be a relief for a lot of us that are not that into fashion, all you need to look gorgeous is putting on that glamourous floral flowy dress or your t-shirt and jeans combo. But then comes winter and the headache of layers comes along. The fact that even the minimalist persons need layers during winter makes learning about it a must.

You stand in front of your closet with great pieces and great confusion as well… Thinking; “ughh, how am I  supposed to layer all these heavy items without looking like a total mess!” After all, you want to look cool and feel warm at the same time.

Layering is an art. And all of us can be artists in some way or another. All we need to master any kind of art is our own creative touch and a bit of practice. Here are some techniques to help you master the art of layering.


1 || Play With Textures

Ok, you love minimal styles, so your go-to outfits are the one-colored ones (or slightly different shades)? In this case, you need to add depth to your outfit by mixing different textures together like silk, wool, leather, cotton, or insert a different texture as the mid-layer. For example, wear a wool sweater with your leather pants.


2 || Think Out Of Your Jacket

‘Your jacket is your last layer’ is not a rule. Allow your creativity to go further by making your blazer or leather jacket your mid-layer and match it with another outwear. Try to choose a relatively lighter piece and pair it with an oversized coat. For instance, wear your leather jacket on top of your t-shirt, or dress and pair them with an oversized knitted cardigan.


3 || Your Sleeves Can Be A Layer Too!

Our motto here is; get creative. Don’t limit yourself to the regular layers. Your sleeves are a great simple way to add that flair of layers to your outfit. Match your short-sleeved cape or jacket with a long-sleeved sweater or roll up the sleeves and show off a different texture and color.


4 || Layering Knits

The cool thing about knits is that they give you the warmth you need during a cool day and the fact that they come in different weights. If you choose to layer them, make sure you match different colors, weights, or lengths.


5 || Nothing Beats An Oversized Scarf During Winter

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of layering then go to scarves. They are your best way to create the illusion of layering even if you are not wearing many. Choose a wool or cashmere scarf same or different color of your outfit, and put it around your neck or on your shoulders and you’re good to roll. You can add a belt to create a silhouette.


6 || You Can’t Master The Art Of Layering Without A White Shirt

The white shirt is a wardrobe essential during all seasons. It goes with almost everything; under your dress, blazer, sweater or jacket, so it can be a great way to layer your outfit without putting too much effort. Try to wear a white shirt under your sweater pairing them with your coat for a well-layered outfit.


7 || Patterns Can Be Minimal Too

I love minimal styles so much. The clean simple look they give makes me so comfortable. And if you think minimal styles are limited to a neutral color palette you’re mistaken… Patterns that are simple and in harmony with the color palette of your outfit can be a great addition to it. It adds depth to the outfit without sacrificing the minimal vibe of it. Try to wear a simple patterned item as the middle layer next time and you’ll be amazed how cooler your outfit will look.