Do You Smell Like A Cow in Your Cool Leather Jacket ?

Leather Jacket

If you put your trendy leather jacket on and realized that you smell a little too much like an animal you are not alone.It has little to do with the quality of the leather, just the tanning process.So what are we going to do about it…

Firstly consider how your jacket has been stored, chances are it has been in a cramped cupboard or perhaps even a protective clothing carrier.Leather needs to breath, so ensure that it is aired well.

Heat is another contributor to the smell, like with everything else, heat activates smells.Ensure that your jacket is placed in a cool and airy environment.

Thirdly, send it to the dry cleaners, the great gentleman at Class Cleaners this morning explained to me that a dry clean will eliminate up to 80% of the odor…Which is pretty good.

Lastly, charcoal is the word of the month, even when it comes to odors!We have been advised by our grandmothers that if you roll the jacket in some newspaper for a few days, the charcoal in the ink will absorb the smell…Please ensure that its not a light colored leather jacket though!