Fashion Questions to Ask Yourself Before Heading to the Beach

Fashion Beach

It may not be exactly how we imagined our summer holiday to be, but we have all managed so far, somehow..  As Eid approaches many of us are planning that next beach holiday.  As you go through your usual checklist of beach needs, perhaps ponder these questions first.  It’s not rocket science to be honest, just a little bit of organization on your part.  Let’s go!


Do Your Swimsuits Fall Into The Three Essential Categories?

Fashion Beach


Time at the beach is tricky because you end of wearing your swimming suit more than you actually imagined.  So it’s a good idea to have a bathing suit for every occasion!  Three to be exact.. There is of course the suntanning bathing suit.  This should be a dark color to absorb any excess suntan oil, and it should be the skimpiest of them all, allowing you to have as much color as possible.  Secondly, there is the ’show off your tan’ swimsuit which is for days when you will be sitting in the sun but not necessarily tanning because you don’t need to go any darker.  This is where the bright colors come in and the fancy cuts and asymmetrical necklines come in.  Then there is the socialization swimsuit which carries a certain air of sophistication which isn’t very well suited to a ‘day at the beach’ but is actually perfect for sunset cocktails.  Think ruffle necklines in metallics and monokinis with matching coverups.  This third category is for the swimwear that is a little too sensitive for the usual sun and fun.. They may stain or damage easily but are just too pretty to pass up.


Selecting Your Tanning Swimsuit

Fashion Beach


It is a good idea to sit and ponder what your favorite necklines are, and how you plan on showing off that fabulous tan that you are heating up for.. If for example you have a great cleavage that you are keen on showing off, then ensure that you aren’t wearing a strapless, bandeau-style bikini top for example.. If you are a lover of strapless dresses, then perhaps pass on the string bikini for tanning.. We mentioned in the point above that the tanning bikini needs to be as skimpy as possible but you do need to pick a style.  One of the factors we tend not to consider often is the area beneath our underarm, a true tell-tale sign of an amateur tanner… When choosing your tanning bikini ensure that the band around your bust isn’t too thick, otherwise you will look a little odd every time you raise your arm…


What Do You Want to Look Like At The Beach

Fashion Beach


Close your eyes for a second.. You are walking across the beach or you are lounging in the sun or even cruising with your tribe on a fancy yacht.. what are you wearing? It is possible that what you imagine yourself wearing bears no resemblance to your actual beach look, simply because we are all in default mode.  We put on that bikini and sit down, without really considering our needs.  If for example you are the modest type that doesn’t really appreciate the idea of running around more than half naked.. then we suggest you invest in a really pretty coverup.  Think about it.. what do you put on when you head to the loo?  If ‘big white t-shirt’ is your answer, you may need to head to the shops for a couple of beach coverups.  Secondly, does your coverup match your swimsuit? It has happened to all of us, you pack your halter neck swimsuit and your strapless sundress… They don’t work together, with those straps sticking out from under the strapless dress..  You get our point.. just make sure everything works well.

Or perhaps you are too hip for a cover up.. and prefer a pair of jeans cutoffs.. sure just makes sure you don’t put them on when your bikini is still wet, because the moisture will come through the denim and it won’t look good..


Your Hat is Your MVP

Fashion Beach


Most Valuable Player!!  So seriously how long did it take you to buy your hat?  Did you really stare long and hard at yourself in the mirror?  Did you consider the color and texture well?  If you are reading this we are willing to bet that, like most women over the age of 26, you wear a hat at the beach because seriously who needs that damage to the skin and hair, even if you are wearing SPF 50.  Although our beauty editor Yasmeen Shawwa has often spoken about how heat (from your hat) may promote hyperpigmentation.  All we are saying is; take half the time buying your next bikini to find a really great hat that will check all the boxes.  Firstly of course enough coverage (but not too much, some are so big your lose the sun on your shoulders and chest), matches a number of your swimsuits, is in a neutral color and of course easy to transport (honestly if you need a seat in your car just for your delicate sun hat, then it’s not the right one!) You are probably thinking; get serious its not that ‘serious’ well you know what, its not cool wearing your husband’s Harley Davidson cap with your Zimmermann swimsuit, think about it..  And with all the great knitted textures of swimwear this season, those cotton canvas hats don’t work.. ask me (been there done that).  And just because the hat looks pretty in blue, it doesn’t mean it matches all your earthy swimwear choices (I say to myself shamefully)…

One more thing.. Make sure your hat fits your hairstyle… Seriously.  A lot of times women like to keep their hair protected under the hat in a bun.. And sometimes the hat can’t accommodate the bun without deforming your head.. just saying.


Beach Bag Not Diaper Bag!

Fashion Beach


If your beach bag is stuffed beyond recognition and is started to look like a diaper bag turn around…


Invest In A Smashing Pair of Pool Slides

Fashion Beach


When we say invest, we mean time.. not necessarily money.  You just need to be focused whilst shopping so you end up buying the right pair.  A lot of people wear great swimsuits, and coverups and hats and sunglasses and a silly old pair of flip flops.. don’t be that person.  There was a time long ago when there were two kinds of slippers to choose from, good old fashioned flip flops or espadrilles that you bent in the back..  Now there is a sea, in fact an ocean of options from designer pool slides by Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana etc, to more realistically priced options from many great brands.  One more thing.. do not buy black beach slippers, they heat up very fast and they’ll be too hot to wear.

Happy shopping, and by that we mean, please concentrate..