Tricky Summer Attire? We’ve Got The Perfect Bra For Every Slit And Cut Out

Perfect Bra

We often fall in love with certain dress styles only to realize the bummer of the how-and-where to place the perfect bra for maximum support.. Below we offer you the bottom line, the perfect bra shape for every dress or top style out there.. Make sure you own one of every option so you can expand your shopping horizons! Bottom line; never sacrifice support for style!!!


1 || If The Neckline Was Off-the-Shoulder…

Go strapless, it’s a no brainer, off-the-shoulder tops are trending and there’s no sign they’re going anywhere, so keep that strapless bra handy all season. Underwire styles offer the best support. Pro tip: Go up in cup size to avoid spillage and down in band size to ensure it doesn’t slip.


Neckline Was Off-the-Shoulder


2 || For Halter Tops

For those of you with fabulous shoulders who choose halter tops for upping their game..It’s worthy to show off the shoulders, while keeping the neck covered up. A normal everyday bra and its shoulder straps won’t cut it. Luckily, you can opt for lingerie that mimics your summertime halter neckline with a strap that fastens behind the neck.


Halter Tops
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3 || For Backless Dresses And Tops

That’s the most difficult style especially for those with big cup sizes.. So how to deal when your top calls for leaving your back totally exposed? Defy gravity with self-adhesive backless bras—they’re kind of like lingerie magic, giving you the coverage you need in front without any strap involved at the back..


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4 || For Deep Plunging Lines

If the problem is exposing your deep v-line, it’s the front that proves to be the problem.. When faced with an ultra-deep plunge, seek out bras that mimic the shape of the lower-than-usual neckline.


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5 || For Casual T-Shirts

As simple as they may seem, whisper-thin T-shirts can actually be quite tricky to dress for underneath. (They really do show every. single. line.) The trick is to go for seamless styles, silkier fabrics, and classic shapes for a more subtle styling.


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6 || For Almost Any Top Style

If you are blessed with lifted youthful breasts and literally don’t need an actual bra or straps, then you’re left with only one problem, how to bust out the protruding nipples. These nipple covers offer pretty much zero support, but they’re the perfect solution when you need to go braless but don’t even want to be bothered by the thought of a slip.


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7 || When Your Bra Is That Awesome And You Want To Show It Off!

When your bra is your hero piece that is the focal point of your outfit then why not show it off? On these occasions, have a little fun with lingerie styles, whether it’s picking a bright color or pattern, or playing around with layering materials. This is the perfect opportunity to reach for that bra you almost consider a top…almost.


Perfect Bra