Alicia Vikander Shows Us How Not To Wear A Coat

We have always loved Alicia Vikander’s style till about 3 months ago, when things have gotten a little confusing. Could she have parted ways with her stylist ?

Spotted today October 21, 2016 in London entering the BBC radio building, Alicia is seen in a navy stretch dress, grey coat and white sneakers. The minimal look is not bad in principle but there is something not right.

Firstly, there is an issue with the proportions of the coat and dress… The coat needs to be either the same length or longer than her midi length dress.


Alicia Vikander


Secondly, a double breasted coat can only be worn open in one instance, if it is draped over the shoulders… Otherwise it needs to be closed up. Although Alicia is seen wearing it over the shoulders in two photos, she is also wearing it open in a few and it looks bad. The shape of an unbuttoned double breasted coat is not great.

Thirdly, the fabric of the coat is so stiff. This sort of minimalist look needs a double-faced, cashmere style coat. The kind of coat almost always seen on the Olsen sisters. You can always find at The Row too, the brand owned by the Olsen sisters… A soft coat that hangs beautifully and moves with your body. This stiff version doesn’t move at all.


Alicia Vikander


Lastly, we know that Alicia Vikander is not into jewelry, she hardly wears anything to red carpet events, but she at least has her hair done. The fact that she has no jewelry on, and has messy hair makes it look like she jumped out of bed and onto the street. The fact that she isn’t carrying a handbag doesn’t help matters either…