So What Exactly Is A Hero Piece And Why Do You Need It ?

Hero Piece

A hero piece is an important element in your wardrobe, it doesn’t tell people that you are up-to-date on all the trends, instead it gives people a chance to see your personality and your interpretation of fashion…in other words, it shows your style.

So for example this season denim jackets are all the rage, you need to have at least one, and yes you can pass by Mango at Taj Lifestyle and get spoiled for choice, but which one of them is your hero piece?

A denim jacket becomes a hero piece when it incorporates a number of non-trend elements that make it personal to you. You are a rock chic and love to add goth elements to your outfit, even when it isn’t in fashion. You find a perfect denim jacket with distressed elements, one thousand safety pins (Madonna in the eighties style) and you feel it’s you… That is your hero piece.

So where you ask will you find this hero piece if goth isn’t even in fashion ? You will find it because brands need to innovate, they can’t compete if they just sell denim jackets they need to find an angle for all those women out there looking for their hero piece.


Hero Piece


A few seasons back Sea NY offered a khaki cargo jacket with appliquéd dental flowers, not your run-of-the-mill cargo jacket. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it would be perfect for someone who perhaps finds khaki jackets a little too unisex, or not feminine enough. Or that denim jacket with the cut out back and sleeves, yep there is a boho chic out there looking for just that piece. So the next time you go into a store and find an odd interpretation of a current trend, remember that it’s not your hero piece but it could certainly be someone else’s.