How to Style A Coat With A Midi Skirt

Coat Midi Skirt

It would be fair to assume that you have hopped on the floaty skirt and knit top trend. After all, it’s perfect for a fat day, suits all body types and can be dressed up and down to your desire. The one thing you may not have taken into account is how to wear a coat on top. With temperatures and rain dropping 😉 your perfect outfit may not look so perfect…

If you stare at your reflection in the mirror and feel like Oliver Twist you are not alone. Boots, midi lengths and a baggy coat a foot shorter can give you that impression. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work your look to perfection.


1 || Your Coat Isn’t An Add On

Coat Midi Skirt


One of the mistakes you are probably making is assuming that you can create your look and then just throw a coat on… Much easier said than done. The coat needs to be an integral part of your look. Put your camisole, skirt and shoes on, determine the coat and then match the top accordingly. That works much better.


2 || No Man’s Land Is No One’s Friend

Coat Midi Skirt


So there are basically two points which you need to work with, your waist line and your skirt length. When determining the length of coat try and stay close to one of these lengths. It helps keep the proportions nice and tidy.


3 || The Silhouette

Coat Midi Skirt


Although the coat should be considered part of the outfit, it is best not to consider it part of the silhouette. Baggier coats tend to work best with this knit top and skirt trend, keeping the integrity of the outfit shape. Feeling like a big blob? Try contrasting the inside of the coat to the outfit… I say inside of the coat, because the lining is what is important…. You could be wearing a black coat with a black skirt and top, but if the lining of the coat is fuchsia for example, you have a pretty fabulous contrast going.


4 || Textures Matter

Coat Midi Skirt


This really didn’t occur to me before I actually tried it, but the texture of the coat is a big part of the equation. The coat needs to have the texture of a winter coat…wool, teddy bear and even faux fur. Trying to work with textures that are more synthetic don’t work as well during the day. Attempt this look with a plasticy puffer jacket at your own risk.


5 || Don’t Be Too Adventurous With Colors and Prints

Coat Midi Skirt


It’s true, this is a silhouette that is sported by less fortunate individuals. Homeless people specifically who tend to pile things on regardless of print and texture…. My daughter once confided in me as we walked through the mall that I looked like a rich homeless woman, it wasn’t my finest moment but it was certainly a eureka one!

For this reason it is important to keep things as streamlined as much as possible. Stick to a color scheme, work with tone-on-tone and don’t forget, with this trend, less is seriously more.