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How To Choose The Perfect Bucket Hat For You This Summer

Bucket hats are by no means a new trend, and this season had brought us just another round of them. It’s going viral with all the high-end brands from Valentino to Fendi joining the club and designing their own version of the beautiful bucket hat. So if you haven’t tried this super cool trend yet, what are you waiting for really?? The right hat will add an instant lift to your outfit and take it from day to night in no time. The cherry on top? It is a great way to hide those frizzy locks on bad hair days, we all have been there! Here is how to nail it.


1 || The Size


Generally, you do not want to have a brim that is narrower than the widest part of your face be it your eyes or chin because in this case you’re gonna get a pointed head which is the last thing anyone would want.


2 || The Color


The color you choose depends firstly on your skin tone and your outfit color. You can’t go wrong with matching your bucket hat with one article of clothing that you’ll be wearing. But that applies mostly with solids, as prints on prints may look too overwhelming. If you are have enough confidence, go for a hat with a pop of color to draw the eye upward. When in doubt, go monochromatic. Just make sure that your bucket hat falls within the chosen palette of your monochrome look.

Lastly, just because the hat looks pretty in blue doesn’t mean it matches all your earthy clothing choices. A neutral hat in beige, white or black looks more minimal and sophisticated than a hat of a pop color like electric blue or pastel.


3 || The Texture


When you go shopping for your bucket hat you need to consider texture. If you are a “monochromatic” kind of girl a glossy style will make your outfit stand out. Different textures add an extra dimension to your outfit and draw the eye upward.


4 || Printed Or Not?


Bucket hat came in many many cool prints that can’t be resisted. Choose a printed hat and match it with your solid outfit for an instant lift. If you are bold enough and want to take things to the next level, we suggest you match your hat with your printed bottom rather than the top as this will give a good visual break.


5 || Consider What You’re Wearing


Especially from the standpoint of the neckline and how much skin you will be showing. For example, if you have a short neck and wear a high-neck top with a large-brim bucket hat your neck will appear even shorter. Another thing is that bucket hats are more of a casual look, but you can also keep it sleek yet still trendy by choosing a neutral-toned hat and pairing it with an outfit that features trendy items with a structured silhouette like a well-fitted top with off-shoulder details or stripes print.


6 || The Proportions


Of both your face and the hat your choosing. Round faces for example should go for a crown that is high and wider than the face. To make an illusion of a longer face you need to choose a hat with a not too short brim and wear it at an angle.

If you have an oblong face you want to avoid anything that will make it look longer like narrow and tall-shaped hats. A wide brim and short crown hat will give the illusion of a shorter face. To shorten things a little don’t tilt your hat backward and wear it close to your eyebrows.

With a square shape, you want to soften your angles so try to tilt the hat a bit. If you wear it straight you will accentuate how angular your face is.

It’s all about the brim with a heart face. If it is too wide it will make your forehead looks very wide, if the brim is too short it will make your chin more pointed.

Last but not least, the shape that looks great with almost any bucket hat style; the oval face. Just make sure to wear the brim straight across the brow or hairline. The Crown of the hat should never be narrower than cheekbones.


7 || The Hairstyle


Make sure your hat fits your hairstyle… Seriously. A lot of times women like to keep their hair protected under the hat in a bun… And sometimes the hat can’t accommodate the bun without deforming your head.. just saying.