CIIN’s 3 Part Series: How To Organize Your Closet – Part 3

Organize Your Closet

Reorganizing your closet is like tooth surgery, painful, but you feel so much better afterwards. An organized closet can bring great joy, and restore a little calm to our lives. Conversely we can say that a messy closet simply cannot contribute to our happiness. And to be honest we need all the help we can get in the happiness department. CIIN’s editors shares three basic wardrobe needs in our three part series, and how to achieve them. To check out part 1 and 2 click here.



Although your Nine West shoes may be more comfortable than your Jimmy Choo’s, your Choo’s need to be respected more. Like a lot of things, unfair but true!


1 || Invest In Three Laundry Bins

Most of our items get ruined by being processed incorrectly. You will need one for dry clean, one for hand wash and one for machine wash. And please don’t put your gym wear in the washing machine, hand wash all the way. They are worn and washed often, extend their life with some TLC.


Organize Your Closet


2 || Pricey Textured Items Should Lay Flat

Investing in some drawer space for your special items is a really smart idea, and will prolong the life of these beautiful items. A lot of the times, because they are not many, we don’t quite know where to put them, as they don’t fall into a specific section. Create a drawer for all special pieces, regardless of style. They may not appear that delicate, but generally, expensive textured items involve hand stitching and luxuriously soft textures that ruin easily. Sequined dresses, bandage dresses (Herve Leger and Alaia), leather pieces and even fur cardigans should lay flat. If you can afford to own them, you need to know how to handle them.


Organize Your Closet


3 || Designer Shoes

Dust is really mean to shoes, it gets into the folds of the leather and even into the sole of the shoes which dries up the glue that keeps it together. Expensive shoes should be well taken care of in a box, either it’s own with a photo on the outside, or a transparent plastic box. You know that annoying tissue and plastic sticks that you find in your new shoes, keep them in your shoes when not in use. The soft leathers can collapse when unworn for long periods. Let the original stuffing preserve it.


Organize Your Closet


4 || Handbags

Please don’t heap your handbags one on top of the other, it’s cruel. There are some nifty transparent plastic bag inventions to preserve your handbags. Otherwise we will break the rule here and assume that you won’t be able to see your bags in their original dustbags. But you will probably be able to identify them according to shape and dustbin brand. Lightly stuff your bag with tissue paper, exactly how you want it to hold it’s shape. Please don’t over stuff, no one wants an obese Chanel. Then stand it up and line them up on an accessible top shelf. Higher shelves are better because you can have a birds eye view of all the bags you have. Too close to your eye level and you will need to take a few steps back to see them all.


Organize Your Closet