How to Wear A Chunky Sweater Without Looking Like Michelin Man !

Chunky Sweater

As the weather gets colder, we tend to move from our favorite chunky sweaters (worn on their own) to thinner knits that can be worn over our winter coats.

Things are a little different this season though, the chunky sweater is having a moment and that means we will want to wear it into the winter. So what do we do about the ‘Michelin Man’ situation, a vivid description of what we end up looking like when we try and squeeze ourselves and our sweaters into our coats. Here are some creative ways to doctor the problem without sacrificing your trendy chunky knit!


1 || The Blanket Trend Works !

There were blankets worn as shawls all over the fall runways. These work really well over your chunky sweater because there are no sleeves involved. Throw a blanket over your chunky sweater for a modern wintery look.


Chunky Sweater


2 || Put It On Your Shoulders

You could always wear your coat on your shoulders. This is what people tend to do most, I am still on the fence on the balancing act involved in keeping it there the whole time… But who said fashion was always comfortable anyway!


Chunky Sweater


3 || Wear A Chunky Cardigan as A Coat

What if your chunky cardigan became your outer jacket ? Later underneath your cardigan and you are set!


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Chunky Sweater


4 || Go Sleeveless

A lot of times we want to try a trend without looking ridiculous. If a chunky sweater makes you look a little too round, give a sleeveless knit gilet a chance.Same look, but less round and it serves as a jacket as well.


Chunky Sweater