What You Need to Know About Your High-Waistband


Are you wearing your waistband in the right spot?

There is a styling trick that is pretty much set in stone, always accentuate your smallest section to appear as tiny as possible. Not only do you draw the eye to the smallest width possible, you also create the greatest possible hourglass. The world of styling is all about accentuating curves, and the best way to do that is to contrast them to something smaller.




With that in mind, we move the conversation along to high-waisted pants specifically. Who would have thought that the high-waistband could actually make people look thicker in the waist. After all we are assuming that your waist is the smallest width possible, and that you will therefore be able to create a sexy silhouette with your natural curves contrasted in that way.

Well, the answer is, ‘not necessarily’. When we consider someone’s shape, we are invariably talking about one’s silhouette, therefore curves. With high-waistbands specifically there is another element that comes into play and that is your torso width in profile. In addition to our silhouettes we have profiles, it has nothing to do with our size. When we wear high waistbands we need to ensure that the band hits the waist at its flattest. This could be an inch up or down, nothing too serious, but could make a big difference to your silhouette. 

How can you tell if you are wearing your waistband in the perfect spot? Let’s just say you will know if you aren’t wearing it in the right spot! You will feel bigger than usual and unhappy with your proportions…