The Six Underwear Don’ts When Wearing White

Underwear -Wearing White

White on white seems to be the most wanted look this summer. Which brings us to the what-do-you-wear underneath conversation, or rather, what not to wear. We might be stating the obvious, but let’s just get it out of the way. When wearing white, make sure your underwear is smooth, not fancy lace or seams…KISS (Keep it seamless sweetie).


1 || Don’t Wear White Cotton Undies

It’s true, walking into the lingerie section with its multitude of skin tones and white underwear can be challenging…Where do you start? Well firstly, you need to understand that cotton doesn’t work, stick with new age fabrics such as modal. Secondly, white panties show underneath clothing, consider them the color white. You will need to wear nudes and flesh tones for an invisible look.


Don’t Wear White Cotton Undies


2 || Don’t Wear Thongs With Fitted White Pants

Is there anything less appealing than two butt cheeks and a sliver of lingerie in between? If you are wearing tight-fitting pants you will need more coverage. Opt for seamless, nude-colored boy shorts. Yes there may be difference in color where your boy shorts end. The best case scenario is to have them end where your bottom turns into your thigh.


Don’t Wear Thongs With Fitted White Pants


3 || Don’t Let Your Nude Underwear Show

It’s truly not flattering to be wearing a deep v-neck dress with a higher nude colored tank or bralette clearing showing underneath. Trust us it doesn’t look like skin… With the unbelievable number of bra iterations out there now, there is no excuse for this. If the dress’ neckline is too deep and you don’t own the right bra, then perhaps wear a lacy bodysuit and make it part of the outfit. And don’t get us started on those ridiculous clear bra straps, who are we kidding…they show!


Don’t Let Your Nude Underwear Show


4 || Don’t Ignore The Fit of Your Bra

One of the major issues with wearing white on top is not just the sheer issue, but also the fit. Unlike other colors, with white you can actually see where your skin and bra meet, which means that any bulges (if your bra is too small) or gapes (if its too big) show clearly.


Don’t Ignore The Fit of Your Bra


5 || The Strapless Bra is not as Forgiving as you Think

Once you have found the perfect bra you practically set for life. It becomes as dependable as your BFF. Till then you need to keep the following in mind… Cutting across your chest with a strapless bra goes against the natural shape of your body. If your bra is too rigid, it will appear like a helmet for your boobs 😉 If it’s full coverage it will destroy any cleavage you may have had, and if it’s a tube it will create the uni-boob that you never wanted. The ideal strapless bra will be a slippery fabric so it doesn’t stick to your top. It will have a solid support around your chest which allows the cup to gently envelope your breasts. It should be a sweetheart shape, so that the two breasts sit separately. The cup itself should be a half-cup, so it has enough coverage but leaves your cleavage alone!


The Strapless Bra is not as Forgiving as you Think


6 || You’re Wrong, Slips Are Totally Cool

If a full length dress slip reminds you too much of the 70s, think again. This nude-colored negligee of sorts is the ideal partner for your white summer dress. Thin strapped with a deep V and usually a slit of two on the sides, the only issue is finding one!


You’re Wrong, Slips Are Totally Cool