Your Ultimate Guide To The Most Flattering Necklines

While we pay too much attention to factors like silhouette, fabric, or drape when choosing the perfect dress or top, we don’t seem to think so much about necklines. But if you asked me now after I started to notice the huge impact of the different necklines on my outfits. I will definitely tell you that necklines should top your priorities list when choosing an outfit. So what are the types of necklines? And How to choose the most flattering one for your body type?


1 || Sweetheart


The sweetheart neckline is shaped, (you guessed it) like a heart at the top.  This attention-grabbing neckline works best for those that are keen on creating shape where they are relatively flat-chested, and small on top in general.  It almost has a 3D effect that helps enhance a small frame (shoulders and chest).  It naturally also works for those with a bust that they would care to show off, it will also draw attention to the shoulders and chest, so it really is best kept for ladies with a smaller frame.  If you happen to have wide shoulders or meaty arms, this is not the neckline for you as it may accentuate them and make them appear larger than they really are.


2 || The Scoop Neck


This is pretty much for the woman that didn’t have any luck with the sweetheart neckline! The fact that the neckline scoops downwards creates a vertical illusion that helps minimize a large chest. It is also extremely flattering for ladies with a pretty décolleté that they would like to show off. Thanks to the vertical illusion created by this style, the shoulders and even upper arms will also appear slimmer, which makes it ideal for medium to large builds. Ladies with a smaller frame would not have much success with this style. The vertical illusion will further minimize a small chest and under-developed arms and shoulders wouldn’t be shown off to their full potential.


3 || The Halter Neck


We love this style for women that frequent the gym, or are just genetically blessed with great shoulders and back. Halternecks vary however, in the photo above for example, there is a lot of styling involved with the cross-over at the chest which works best for women with a relatively small bust. However,  a larger bust with the neckline so close to the neck will create congestion in such a small area.  The halter neckline comes in a variety of styles, some with more going on than others.  In the photo above for example the halter neck also has a twisted thick strap that wraps around the neck.  The general rule is, the more going on, the smaller the bust needs to be.  The deeper the v of the halter neck the larger the bust can be, as the deep neckline creates a vertical illusion that will minimize and flatter a large bust.  In any case this is a great neckline to accentuate a beautiful neck. I think the image of Marilyn Monroe in her white halter neck dress is imprinted in our memories for life.


4 || The Jewel Neck


This is a modest neckline that works for pretty much anyone, it does tend to hide a little too much in the way of skin, which we hope will be offset by some great jewelry as encouraged by the name of the neckline. Perhaps one of the things to keep in mind with this neckline (because honestly it is more of a fashion statement and not something that people would choose to flatter their décolleté specifically) is the sleeve!  The large pouty sleeve often comes with this neckline, and should be considered by women with a small bust and small frame in general.  The pouty sleeves will create a horizontal illusion, that makes one look wider than they really are.  If you are heavier chested, a longer and tighter sleeve would be highly recommended as it will keep things sleek and tidy.  The reason why I say longer sleeve is because a short sleeve, even if it is tight, is not a good idea for a large chested woman as the length of the sleeve will most likely hit at the bust exactly, and this will further accentuate the bustline. 


5 || The Square Neck


The chest really doesn’t get enough attention. It’s as if when we are getting dressed we are either focusing on the neck or the bust but never really the chest that actually slap in the middle of any neckline!  This square neckline is the hero of those beautifully-chested women.  So what makes a chest beautiful?  Good skin for starters! No one wants to show off a wrinkled and sun-damaged décolleté, although a soft sprinkle of freckles can be very pretty.  Secondly a pretty chest includes a somewhat protruding collarbone or clavicle.  (Another way to show off a great clavicle btw is to put on a great pair of dangly earrings).  Lastly no one likes a boney chest, so if your ribcage is showing perhaps opt for another neckline.


6 || The Asymmetric Neck


They say, if you have something pretty to show off, create a show around it.  This is true of the asymmetrical neckline that works to accentuate the areas that it encapsulates.  An asymmetrical neckline will show off a great neck, a great chest and perhaps even a great shoulder.  What it will not do, is accentuate the bust which is too far down.  So depending on what you care to show off, this neckline may or may not be for you.  Another thing to consider with this neckline is the element of proportions. This neckline demands attention which means that it will minimize and draw attention away from everything else, which means that if you want to create the illusion of a smaller waist this could also work for you.  You really shouldn’t consider this neckline if you are unhappy with the state of your neck and chest as they are the focus of attention in this situation.


7 || The Boat Neck or Strapless Neckline


Both of these necklines draw a strong horizontal line across the shoulder or chest and in both cases the center of attention will be the shoulders and neck.  It can work for any frame or bust size as long as you are happy showing off your shoulders and neck and putting them on full display.  There is certain femininity with these two necklines that keeps us coming back to them time and time again.  They are timeless and popular every season of the year thanks to their universally flattering shape.