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The One Tip That Your Puffy Summer Feet Need

Let’s imagine this; your feet are puffy and red because of the hot weather and you choose to put on your nude slingback and go out.. I know they look great and so chic but once you spend a little time in the heat your red will turn even more red in contrast with the light color and the puffiness will naturally increase. And here lies the problem…

The same goes for thin straps that will cut into your skin highlighting the puffiness.


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So if you do have feet that turn red and get a bit puffy in the summer you shouldn’t wear a slingback at all cause it draws attention to your heel, which is really where the puffiness is. But if you love slingbacks so much, choose a darker color so it can down play the color of your feet.

Your best bet is to wear slides because they will keep the attention at the front of the shoes. Make sure to always keep the details towards the front of the foot and don’t put any details in the back.