Scarf-Print Dressing Is Just What’s Missing From Your Wardrobe!

Scarf-Print Dressing

Enter October and we’re officially cozying up for winter as the days get shorter and the weather much colder. Suddenly your white shirts don’t seem so appropriate anymore …. it’s still too soon to bring out winter florals… animal print has begun to choke you down and you’re not that mad for plaid…. get it! So what’s a girl to do?? Scarf-prints of course! With the onslaught of everything much ..from animal print to logo-mania to checked clothing …you may have missed this surprisingly fun trend…scarf-print everything…..but you still have time to embrace it before winter’s much sombre pallet descends… so here are our top picks for a scarf-print party….we dare you to choose only one!


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