Print on Repeat || The Trend You May Have Missed

Print on Repeat

Fall fashion is in full swing, from tartans to velvets there is nothing boring about Fall 2018. Which is why you may have missed the print-on-repeat trend. A quieter trend that has nonetheless infiltrated almost all designer collections.

It is almost a cross between last season’s logo mania and polka dot trends, the print-on-repeat trend features a small print or logo that is consistently repeated in a grid to eventually create a geometric pattern.

So how to wear this trend? First thing to take into consideration is that it could actually appear quite matronly on its own, make sure you dress it up with some killer heels or trendy booties.

Secondly, don’t attempt to match anything to it, when worn as a skirt or trouser match it to a feminine knit or chunky sweater in a solid color. This should add some lift to the pattern which has a tendency of appearing flat.

Thirdly, if you are wearing it as a dress make sure you break it up with a belt, or some skin.. Otherwise you may be mistaken for the curtain.


Print on Repeat
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