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Score A Major Wow Factor This Summer With These 5 Color Combinations!


Summer color combinations couldn’t get more delicious this season or more versatile! As they say, there is something for everyone when it comes to adopting summer color combinations. Whether you’re into the solid brights, the prints, the safari look, or wearing all your colors together…you would still be quite on trend. However things are not as haphazard as they may seem, believe it or not, there is a system to adopt when you want to mix and match your colors. Below are five summer color combinations that are sure to help you turn heads this summer.


1 || With Black

Color Combinations


Remember when there was a time when we would just add anything to black and voilà we have ourselves an outfit? If you don’t remember we don’t blame you, as this was probably some time ago…. more like thirty plus years ago. Well the same concept is back with a vengeance, and nowadays if you’re lost on ideas just add anything to black and you’ve got yourself a ready-to-go outfit.


2 || The New Safari

Color Combinations


All shades of beige and khaki have amassed a cult following to the extent that the all-beige trend has become one of the strongest trends lately. Among the wide array of beige shades around there is a single color that has stood out lately and has garnered much attention; the shade in question is aptly named toffee and it falls between camel and brown. One ingenious way to wear this color is to pair it with another hot color this season, a color that is reminiscent of the 70’s; rust or burnt copper, call it what you will but please give this color combo a try and you won’t be disappointed.


3 || The Threesome

Color Combinations


We’re obviously kidding, but three-way color combinations – which are possibly related to the color blocking concept – are huge this season. Though the sky’s the limit to the combinations you can come up with but let us give you some clues. Combine blues, purples and whites just like Lana El Sahely did for a refreshing take on the trend. You could also combine yellow, red and orange in one sunny outfit that screams summer. Another possible combination is the beloved pairing of red and hot pink but this time throw in a purple, black or white item to the mix.


4 || Rainbow Stripes

Color Combinations


Rainbow-themed clothing are all the hit right now. You could say they’re a twist off the tie-dye trend but this time the colors come in stripes. Tone this trend down with blacks, denim or beiges or play it up by pairing it with an item from the same color family.


5 || Neons

Color Combinations


Neons or highlighter hues are all the rave right now. Neon greens, pinks, yellows, and oranges, are quite reminiscent of the 90’s and they’ve been around for some time now. Combine them all together for a wow effect or add something neutral to break the shock element.