Five Reasons Why…The Way We Shop Is Changing


Its not what we are buying that is changing, but also how we buy it.  Yes, we are all using the internet more and more, and brick and mortar is suffering..but there is more.  As the markets try and figure out how to capture our attentions in this world of white noise, there are intriguing changes being made to the fashion landscape.

These are the five examples of how things are changing.  If there is one constant however, it’s that there will be plenty more changes to come in the future.


1 || Experience Shopping



If you want to buy a fashion or beauty item, chances are you will do so online.  Not only are the options plenty, you can return them for free, and you can also shop for the best price.  What’s not to love?  So what do luxury brands do in this case?  Well build an experience of course.  Luxury brands don’t just sell products, they sell ideas and innovation.  Something not as easily experienced online.  Italian luxury shoe brand Tods has been at the forefront of the concept store / experience shopping movement.  Whether its the Tod’s Sloane Apartment, designed by celebrity interior designer India Mahdavi, in London last year.  Or their latest experiment, a 1600 square foot Tod’s Library in NYC, the aim is to intrigue customers to pass by and experience new ideas and products.  The good news is, its not just for people with time…both locations also offer a rush service for those of us that don’t have the luxury of time.


2 || Rihanna and LVMH Have Just Made History



It’s true that celebrities and fashion brands have worked together for decades…  The formula has generally been, the celebrity attracts the customers and the brand makes and sells the product.  Well Rihanna has just changed this formula with her latest venture with LVMH aptly labeled Fenty.  The newly minted luxury brand which will compete with LV itself in addition to Off-White amongst others will be developed and run by Rihanna herself.  What has fundamentally changed is that the luxury conglomerate is saying, we want you to do it your way.  In a statement they clarified that the Paris-based Fenty Maison will be, ‘centered on Rihanna, developed by her, and taking shape with her vision in terms of ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, including commerciality and communication of the brand.”   This is also the first time LVMH have launched a brand from scratch since Christian Lacroix couture in 1987.  Rihanna will incidentally be the first black woman to head an LVMH brand.  Talk about firsts…


3 || Farfetch Encourages Reuse



Online luxury retailer Farfetch will be launching ‘Second Life’ a new pilot platform that allows customers to exchange pre-loved designer bags for store credits.  Yes, you heard right..  The resale trend isn’t going anywhere and you might want to give it a try.  With the focus on the sustainability reaching fever pitch, mainstream companies not just independent small brands are starting to contribute to the cause.


4 || Who What Wear to Launch Beauty Brand at Target



Celebrities launch brands and collaborations, but not editorials.. well that’s about to change. is launching their beauty brand later this month at Target.  When you think about it they do have the content, the online magazine churns out hundreds of articles on fashion and beauty every week, so it would be safe to assume that they are in the know.  Stay tuned folk, CIIN’s next 😉


5 || Instagram to Create A Shopping Page



First there was @Instagram and then there was @Design, well now there is @Shop.  Instead of just offering pages the ability to sell directly to their followers, Instagram is actually entering the online shopping game with a curated shopping space by Instagram themselves.

Eva Chen, Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships is spearheading this effort, and proves that online shopping is evolving in ways that don’t always include online stores or even publications..  Stay tuned!