The Coat Trends of The Season || Deciphered

The Coat Trends

It’s almost mid October, and you know what that means, it’s time to start thinking about your winter coat.  Yes, we do have more than one coat, but we do seem to flock to one or two all season long, simply because they are so versatile and comfortable.  This season’s coats have a decidedly relaxed feel about them, which is quite welcoming, we have enough to be uptight about.. One thing we found particularly striking was how familiar everything looks, but in an updated way.. We highly recommend you dig into your own wardrobe and that of your mother’s and aunt’s to pick out some vintage gems that will fit in perfectly this season.


The Shiny Leather Trench

The Coat Trends
Bettega Veneta

The trench in all of its forms is having a real comeback this season. Had it ever disappeared you ask.. and you may have a point.  I believe that these staples don’t really go in and out of fashion, but rather out of favor with the fashion world.  Because ultimately whether or not there was a trench on the Prada, Saint Laurent and Hermes runways shows may not actually mean much to us!

The shiny leather coat, almost patent but slightly distressed is perhaps the most sensational trench of the season, and if you are indeed in the market for a trench this could be a good option, that will give variety to your wardrobe.  Although black may seem like the most likely color option, we would rather you consider a shade of brown, a caramel hue perhaps which is neutral enough yet still interesting..


The Bathrobe

The Coat Trends

This coat is always in style, perhaps the only thing that changes is the volume on it.. Depending on the season.  Well this time around it is as generous as can be, mimicking our dependable house robe; that we are guessing you spent weeks on end in during lockdown.  These self-belted coats come in a variety of colors and textures, most popular perhaps are the plain camel versions in beautiful double-faced fabrics.  There are also some great tweed versions, Gabriella Hearst of course wins the prize for most original coat with her multi-colored bathrobe style with leather trims and fringes.

One thing you really need to keep in mind though is your size and whether or not you can actually carry this trend without being eaten up by it..


The Bracelet Sleeve

The Coat Trends
J.W. Anderson

Not so much a style of coat, but rather a style of sleeve.  The bracelet sleeve on a winter coat is something you should look out for this season.  This could be a great option for ladies with. Smaller frame that may feel overwhelmed by the oversized shape of coats this season.  The bracelet sleeve helps taper the volume and draw attention to your wrists which are a welcome reminder of your actual size.  This style isn’t something we would recommend for busty ladies, that are genetically blessed with an ample cleavage.  The volume created by the bracelet sleeve, will compete with your chest and make you appear larger.

The bracelet itself comes in two forms, either a traditional bracelet cuff similar to that found on blouses.  Alternatively it may be the same style used on the sleeve of trenchcoats.


The Printed Coat

The Coat Trends
Dries Van Noten

We are loving the printed coats this season. The prints tend to be large with a strong color contrast, with a real Seventies appeal.  The actual term for those coats is actually jacquard, not print, as the print is not stamped on, but rather weaved into the actual material.  With this sort of coat, there is already a lot happening, so it would be best for there to be little else going on.  No bracelet sleeve, or belt or texture.. Ideally this coat should be worn long, but as always, for smaller ladies, make sure it doesn’t drown you out.  As for taller ladies, with a bigger build, make sure that the coat’s loud nature doesn’t make you look larger than it should.  We need to always be reminded that the top priority of any trend is for it to suit us, and highlight our personal and unique beauty.


The Cape

The Coat Trends

It’s almost as if we mention a cape every ten minutes on CIIN.  It is everywhere this season, from evening dresses to knitwear and even here in coats.  The capes this season resemble Native American Teepee tents, they are triangular, and hit anywhere from the lower hip to the knee. You can opt for a version with a sleeve of course, there are plenty designed by Burberry.  We however are quite keen to try the sleeveless versions, which actually hit two trends with one stone, the vest and cape trend.


The Knit Coat

The Coat Trends
Alexander McQueen

It was inevitable really, in a season with comfort at the forefront a knit coat is not only likely but welcome.  Whether you are in the market for a cape, or a full length sweater style coat we are sure there is one for you at every price point.  The thing with knit is that it is a tell-tale of its quality.. Coats that are made of less expensive fibers tend to pill and lose their shape after a few wears which is quite unfortunately.  Consider investing in a sweater coat, gilet or cape that will last you for seasons to come.  The thing with knits is that they aren’t overly styled, making them solid staples in your wardrobe.  Try a neutral shade like off white, grey or camel and enjoy it for years.


The Mid-Length Shirt Coat

The Coat Trends
Stella Mccartney

This is what we call a micro-trend, in the sense that it is seen quite often but not considered an actual trend.. This is usually the case with items of clothing that are so practical that they need to be made, but don’t have enough character to be classified as a ‘style’.  After all we all need a mid-length coat right.  That reliable style that works with almost everything.  This shape comes in prints, plaid, and solids of course.  What they all seem to have in common though is that they are relaxed in shape, are single breasted and often times resemble a farmer’s shirt.  We are personally in love with Stella McCartney’s grey felt version.