CIIN’s Face Masks Edit || 6 Local Brands With Fabulous Styles

Face Masks Local Brands

Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression. As face masks are quickly becoming a part of our daily routine, many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them. Combat COVID19 in style by purchasing your next protective mask from one of CIIN’s favorite local designers. Most are supporting local businesses and empowering sit-at-home women in need.


1 || Born Again By Jordan Fashion Week

In an effort to aid local creatives and talented makers, Born Again is an initiative that proved to be conscious and impactful. By using left over designer fabrics Born Again was well, born!  Handcrafted by Sitat Byoot, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the brand’s motto. We add to that ‘Empower’, while helping to secure jobs for the less fortunate artisanal women during this time of crises, Born Again offers a wide array of stylish and statement masks to choose from.


Face Masks Local Brands


2 || Petra Orfali

Jordanian fashion designer Petra Orfali has dropped a super cool line of face masks that will upgrade your COVID19 look. Orfali’s washable cotton masks are known to be light, practical and are 3-fabric-layered.. Hand-knitted and stitched, all the masks are breathable.. Using left over fabric and non woven cotton, social distancing has never been more stylish..


Face Masks Local Brands


3 || Mask.d

With part of the sales proceeds going to Sana For Special Individuals, Mask.d is a local brand specialized in producing oriental knitted and patchwork designed face masks. Choose from their wide variations of their Striped or Pacha Tent masks. A newer and limited edition Bedouin and Brocade Maskd collection has dropped earlier this summer. With beautiful packaging these masks are not to miss out on!


Face Masks Local Brands


4 || Wenin

‘Wen-In This Together, we have a vision.. a desire.. and a little bit of courage. See it through the storm and never stop’. That is what the latest Wenin X SALAM collaboration is all about; finding strength,

staying positive and… wearing a mask.. The line emphasizes on a positive attitude; ‘keeping a smile on your face even if you think no one can see it under that mask, cause your eyes will sparkle when you do’. ‘Our masks speak for themselves. Masks that will take your breath away and keep it from others too!’ Need more? The masks speak for themselves..



5 || Samia Alzakleh

Another Jordanian fashion designer is adding a sparkle to face masks to encourage people on wearing them amid deepening concerns over the spread of coronavirus. Samia Alzakleh adds colorful crystals to raise awareness on the importance of taking the necessary safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Although not 100% medical, Zakleh claims that adding her masks on top of medical ones adds an artistic touch.


Face Masks Local Brands


6 || ROK By Dima

Designer Dima Hamdan has a lot to offer. From beach kaftans,  customized beach towels and cosmetic pouches, to fancy prayer sets and home accessories.. Recently Hamdan designed statement and original Jordanian/ Palestinian kufiyyeh face masks.. Handmade and totally comfortable upon wearing, you will almost forget you’re wearing the ‘nashmiyyeh’ mask!


Face Masks Local Brands