5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Sale Item

Buying a Sale Item

Sale season is like a late night naughty snack, you can explain it away then and there, but you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, what was all that about.  Consider the following 5 questions security questions… once you’ve passed them all, you can press buy now, happy shopping.


When Are You Going to Wear it Next?

Buying a Sale Item


If the answer is anything beyond 5 months, then you really don’t have reason to buy it.  If we all had unlimited wardrobe space and money that grew on trees, this question wouldn’t be valid, but we don’t.

The truth is; fashion is moving at lightening speed and what is relevant and on trend one month is totally obsolete a few months later.  The likelihood of you appreciating your purchase (for the first time) after more than 5 months is not that likely.  Add to that your disposable income status… if you buy something that you may or may not need in five months time, you are taking valuable funds out of your current budget.


How Popular is it Today?

Buying a Sale Item


Don’t be fooled by brands that are supremely trendy today.  If you’ve taken a course or two in economics you will recall the bell curve theory.  What must go up, must come down…. If something is super-popular today, the chances of it falling in popularity shortly thereafter is high.

This question should be applied to items and brands equally, sometimes the item (even if it is timeless brand) runs the risk of becoming old news, sometimes its the brand altogether.


Close Your Eyes… Can You See Yourself Wearing it in a Year’s Time?

Buying a Sale Item


Do the math…If its on sale, it is likely that people have been wearing the trend for a least 3 months. Add to that the change of season and you might already be getting our drift..  Always look for the timeless pieces that will hold their own against the trends and fads of the seasons.  To have bought an Off-White handbag at full price, and worn it all season long is great.  To buy it 3 months into the season is not so great, simply because the lifespan of it is short.


How Good is the Deal Anyway?

Buying a Sale Item


Annual sales aren’t really a big deal anymore unless its a deep discount.  The way fashion works now is a little different to how it used to be.. two collections delivered during the complete season. The new formula means that there are smaller collections that are delivered almost every ten days, so there is always something being discounted to make room for the new collections.  These sales are in the 30% range, so unless your semi annual sale is offering you upwards of 50% off, then its not really a big or good deal.


Does it Smell Fishy?

Buying a Sale Item


Lastly… if it’s heavily discounted, on final sale and is still available in plenty of sizes then it sounds a little too good to be true…. It’s smelling a little fishy.  Chances are there is something wrong with it.  Not a real fault, but perhaps the way it fits… If it’s a sandal perhaps its particularly narrow or terribly uncomfortable.  If it’s high-waisted denim it may be too narrow to pull them up over your hips without hurting yourself in the process…