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6 Tips To Help You Rock The Boyfriend Watch!!

Even though the term “boyfriend watch” only came into existence in 2010 but believe it or not women were ditching their delicate wristwatches in favour of chunkier men’s watches since the 1940s and 50s. Female celebrities, politicians and sportswomen were among the most fashion forward people to adopt this trend and from then on it became a universal thing. If you’re in the market for a menswear wristwatch, check out our selection below as well as tips on how best to rock the boyfriend watch.  


Boyfriend Watch


1 || Keep It Classic

Keep it classic and choose something that will both appeal to your sense of style as well as merge with it. When choosing a men’s watch you may want to give a moment’s thought to whether you want a casual or a dressier look. The Omega Constellation collection for men is a good choice as the watches are almost identical to the women’s collection albeit larger in size. The Movado Museum Classic in black leather strap is another classy choice.


boyfriends watch omega


boyfriends watch movado
Movado Museum Classic


2 || Pair With Delicate Jewelry

Combine a chunky men’s watch in leather strap or bracelet with delicate jewelry for a juxtaposition that is stylish yet timeless. The Omega Seamster collection is a true masculine watch for those in favour of such chunkiness as well as the Movado Series 800 watch. 


boyfriends watch omega


boyfriends watch movado

3 || Thin VS. Thick Strap

Sometimes the trick in pulling off a men’s watch lies in the strap. IF you love big face watches but are intimidated by the bulky or thick straps, looks for models that sport flatter straps in leather or mesh which is coming back into fashion in a major way.


boyfriends watch calvin klein
Calvin Klein


4 || Make A Statement 

Sometimes if all you want is to make a statement then look for a men’s bracelet watch that combines both silver and gold tones, and if you can find one in a green or a navy face then all the better.


boyfriends watch victorinox


5 || Go Sporty

Rubber-strap watches are another trendy take on the boyfriend watch. Though solely a casual look, rubber-strap watches are perfect for working out, weekends, and running errands. Actually they’re quite perfect for everything except perhaps a formal night out. Pair with colorful braided bracelets just like the ones by Featherlight for an added dose of style.


boyfriends watch victorinox

6 || Buy It For Him And Borrow It

Not in the mood for buying a men’s watch for yourself; buy one for your significant other …just make sure it is one you would love to wear yourself.


boyfriends watch