Don’t Invest In These 8 Fashionable Items || It’s Too Late!


The fashion cycle is a peculiar thing, but it unfortunately exists. No sooner have we adopted an item than we start seeing the back of it. Which basically means, invest early on or buy the trend on the inexpensive end. The trends we’ve mentioned below are still trending, which means you may be tempted to go ahead and buy them, which is your prerogative. You do need to know that they are unfortunately on their way out…

1 || Delicate Mix and Match Jewelry



We all love a good stack, and thankfully those are here to stay for a while longer. The anatomy of the stacks have changed however with thicker bracelets and added to the mix. Whether you are mixing and matching delicate rings or layering necklaces make sure you don’t invest too much in delicate thin pieces, go for chunky instead.

The same is true of earrings, double, triple and cartilage piercings are on their way out, so perhaps don’t invest too much in a variety of teeny tiny earrings.


2 || A Fashionable Fur Jacket



Just to clarify we are not referring to heirloom quality floor length coats from a reliable source. We are talking about fashion fur which is going out of business soon! With sites such as Net-a-Porter banning fur pieces, and Burberry and Gucci following suit there is no future for the fashionable fur jacket in your wardrobe for much longer.

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3 || Graphic Handbags



With all due respect to OFF-WHITE’s ‘sculpture’ handbag…. Graphics on your handbags won’t last very much longer. So beware that Balenciaga you’ve been eyeing for a while….This trend is not to be confused with logo handbags that will be with us pretty much, ‘foreva’.

On the subject of graphics, perhaps keep them on your t-shirts and pass on your next tattoo. Victoria Beckham lasered off her tats, and you may too sometime in the near future.


4 || The High-Low Evening Dress



Yes they still exist, but the question remains, for how much longer? If you are on the lookout for an evening dress it would probably be advisable to stick to a trend that will last longer. Pailettes are super on trend, and ruffles will never go out of style. Happy shopping !


5 || The Cargo Parka



It would be fair to say that Mr&Mrs Italy made a killing on this trend. The cotton parka with the fur lining. Well, its almost a thing of the past… Instead invest in a shin-scraping woolen coat in a classic bathrobe style or trench silhouette. You could also consider an oversized puffer jacket.


6 || Platform Loafers



Not only are they terribly heavy, but they will be leaving us soon. They have been around for quite a while though, thanks to Stella McCartney. Fortunately for some, unfortunately for others, this ship has almost sailed.


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7 || Skinny Jeans



I never thought I would say this but skinny jeans have become timeless. That doesn’t mean they will be trending for much longer…. Yes you can wear your skinny’s under your long coat, but there really is no need to invest in yet another pair..


8 || Hooded Coats



Coats are getting much smarter this season which means that hoods although practical are taking a back seat. Pass on a substantially-hooded coat, and go for something more tailored. If you need a hood, there are plenty that are hidden and stuffed inside the collar…