The Golden Globes Was A Lesson in Middle-Aged Dressing

Dressing in forties

If you’re anywhere between 45 and 50-ish then you are in good company.  Some of the sexiest, most accomplished women fall into this age bracket.  From Gwyneth Paltrow 47, to Nicole Kidman 52, Rachel Weisz 49, Jennifer Lopez 50, to Cate Blanchett 50, Jennifer Aniston 50, René Zellweger 50 and Laura Dern 52.  Not only are they inspiring, it is also highly convenient that they are all at the same event, photographed in almost the same spot by pretty much the same photographers.  Which gives us so much room for comparison, and therefore lessons learned.

The late forties onwards are tricky in the sense that you are officially middle aged and are starting to feel it.. Clearly these two terms, ‘middle aged’ and ‘feeling it’ are not going to stop the women achieving their goals, but they are facts.  So the bottom line is, what does yesterday’s fashion say about middle-aging? What can they get away with, or are they perhaps getting in the way of themselves…. Let’s explore.


Jennifer Lopez

Dressing in forties


Jenny From The Block wanted to think outside-the-box, the gift box that is.. The stellar dresser chose to attract the attention of the media in a Valentino dress that everyone had an opinion on.  Social and traditional media platforms all had their say, and may we add, featured JLo or perhaps just a meme, and that’s exactly what she had in mind.  It reminds us of Rihanna at the MET Gala a few years back in the mustard-colored ball gown by Chinese couturier Guo Pei.

What JLo was saying to us all was, I am still in the running… I am young enough to pull off anything I fancy..and that’s exactly what she did. Perhaps the most important element in trying on a courageous look, is ensuring that every detail is perfected.  It mustn’t look like a mistake.  Jlo’s look was carefully planned and executed.  The flawless makeup, the elaborate hairstyle and stunning jewelry all confirming that this was not a mistake it was intended, and with that comes great respect.  The only thing we can say regarding the JLo look is that perhaps the color combination, green, gold and white was a little too soon after Christmas for us and not exactly her most flattering color.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Dressing in forties


Well, Gwyneth was trying to achieve exactly what Jennifer Lopez had in mind.  The only issue was, it was so poorly executed that it came across as a big fat mess.  Forget about the ill-fitting dress by Fendi, what of the elaborate jewelry sitting under the mesh neckline… That is where the true issue lies in the sloppiness of it and the fact that her hair was not in line with the glamorous intention of the dress.  Just like your shoes and handbag are expected to match your dress style, so must your hair and jewelry.

It’s important to note that Gwyneth’s dress is actually beautiful, a quick glance at the Fendi dress in the Fendi media kit, and its clear that it could have been pulled off beautifully, but unfortunately wasn’t.  Again it may have something to do with the color on her skin.


Dressing in forties


It’s important to take into consideration that both Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez have worked very hard on their bodies and in their bodies, with diets and workouts worthy of Olympians.  This brings with it a great amount of confidence in dressing, what needs to be considered also are the details…


Cate Blanchett and Charlize Theron

Dressing in forties


Cate and Charlize in Mary Katrantzou and Christian Dior respectively, won our award for best age-appropriate looks.  The pair, dressed in ethereal dresses with plenty of character and sophistication wowed the crowds and the media alike.  Again, their attention to detail was stellar, which confirmed their superb looks.  Well-fitted dresses, in vibrant colors and embellishments left us all catching our breaths, and reminding us forty and fifty-somethings that daring to dress up is a right at every and any age.


Renée Zellweger, Nicole Kidman, Rachel Weisz and Jennifer Aniston

Dressing in forties


There is a very fine line between boring and timeless.  Boring is generally an uninspiring look that has been seen too often.  It’s the sort of look that you could forget easily.  There are usually no interesting details and worse of all, the person almost wants to stop the hands of time by duplicating a winning look from a previous decade.  Timeless is filled with interest and pizazz but has the strength of working in any decade..

Renée in Armani Privé, Nicole and Jennifer in Christian Dior and Rachel in Tom Ford, seriously wanted to freeze the moment from a few years back, by ignoring current trends and sticking with what they know, and it bored us to death.  We wish that they may have experimented a little with jewelry, color or an original hair style, unfortunately they didn’t, leaving us with looks that will be forgotten or worse, confused for a similar event in an earlier year..


Which Leaves Us With Laura Dern

Dressing in forties


Laura Dern’s look by Yves Saint Laurent bring together everything we have been trying to say above.  Her boho dress and casual yet beautiful hairstyle would have worked perfectly for a younger woman.  Perhaps someone in her late twenties.. With age comes experience and wisdom, which for some reason leads to effort and attention to detail.  You simply cannot get away with that natural look.  The ‘I got dressed in 5 minutes’ look.  It’s kind of like makeup, they say with age you put less makeup, may I elaborate, with age you put on less dramatic makeup, but makeup itself, the basics are a must.. Imagine Laura Dern in this same dress, with a cascade of precious ruby and emerald necklaces.  Not only would they draw the eye away from her aging neck, but would show the thought that went into the look.  As for her hair, like we said, it is beautiful but not appropriate, a slightly stronger effort would have gained her a more thought-through, age-appropriate look.