Get Ultimate Summer Wardrobe Inspo from these 12 Instagram Influencers

summer wardrobe

Sundress season slowly but surely greeted us with its annual appearance not too long ago, and let’s admit — we were hyped. But, now that it’s here, and has been for a while, our impatient selves have already grown tired of it, and are, once again, waiting for the next big shock to our wardrobes. Do you relate? You’re not alone, or out of luck.

If you’re in need of some summer wardrobe inspo, these top 12 influencers, and their out of the ordinary fashion senses, are where you’ll find it.


1 || Julie Pelipas

Trying to pull off the oversized look, but still retain a flattering and ultra-mod demeanor? Take note from Julie Pelipas. She cleverly selects baggy items to enhance, not diminish, their trendiness, which gives her and her wardrobe a characteristic edge — still, Pelipas maintains femininity in an unexpected, yet totally compatible, way with a seasonally adaptable fashion sense.


Instagram Influencers - Julie Pelipas


2 || Mariona Planas

Dresses and skirts are always classics, but it can be difficult to elevate their look from traditional to trendy. Mariona Planas does that expertly, pairing long, formal-looking skirts — often emblazoned with funky prints — with more casual tops, like t-shirts. The clash and unexpectedness of her outfits are what transcend the conventional items of clothing within them to more stylish statuses.


Instagram Influencers - Mariona Planas


3 || Laetitia Nimah Kutob

Smart casual doesn’t have to be just a dress code — it can be a way of life, and Laetitia Nimah Kutob’s wardrobe confirms that. Pairing blazers, trousers and blouses with chic, almost street-style accessories make the look wearable by day. She’ll often pair the more sophisticated items with ones that clash, like skirts with sweaters, or pantsuits with a crop top underneath, to demonstrate that the effectiveness of her fashion sense lies within the paradoxes themselves.


Instagram Influencers - Laetitia Nimah Kutob


4 || Blair Eadie

A look doesn’t always have to be unexpected for it to be unique — Blair Eadie demonstrates that embracing classic femininity with dresses, ruffles and pops of color can, too, be equally as fashion-forward. She proves that feminine fashion is never boring, with each outfit she wears looking totally different from the next. From off-the-shoulder, knee-length, colorful dresses, to printed flowy blouses paired with polka-dot skirts, and even matching pantsuits, Eadie’s look is all-woman, all the time — and that’s a good thing.


Instagram Influencers - Blair Eadie


5 || Candice Lake

Candice Lake pairs flowy with feminine, channels that into her wardrobe and creates masterpieces. With long-sleeved, loose rompers, embellished wrap-dresses, and pants often paired with a funky printed trench coat, Lake combines conventional with contrast. She’ll often make her love of a good color block quite clear in order to give her outfits that quintessential touch of uniqueness.


Instagram Influencers - Candice Lake


6 || Caroline Daur

Sheer clothing is great because not only are they super cute on their own, but they also give you the opportunity to showcase something equally cute underneath — Caroline Daur’s wardrobe attests to that. From sheer dresses with shorts underneath, to blouses underlain with a funky top, and bodysuits overlain with flowy translucent skirts, Daur demonstrates that you can never let a good item of clothing go to waste, and, in the process, create a cleverly stunning outfit.


Instagram Influencers - Caroline Daur


7 || Lena Terlutter

Love a good print, but don’t know how to make it chic not shabby? Same — luckily, Lena Terlutter does. From leopard animal print, to polka dots, florals, and even boho patterns, Terlutter knows how to dress up, and not down, the design, pairing them with more standard complementary pieces, and always a good accessory. Coupled with stacked jewelry and statement bag and shoes, Terlutter can always amplify her skillfully selected printed apparel.


Instagram Influencers - Lena Terlutter


8 || Lisa Hahnbeck

Sporty clothes aren’t limited to the gym, and Lisa Hahnbueck’s clever styling of them with formal feminine garb has taught us that. She proves that chic-ifying athletic apparel doesn’t have to just result in the overplayed “athleisure,” but can actually be made presentable by day and even night. She loves a good cropped anything, sports bra, t-shirt, and tracksuit pant — often adorned with stripes — but only when cleverly paired with something whose purpose totally clashes — like heels, floral jackets, or button-up tops.


Instagram Influencers - Lisa Hahnbeck


9 || Ghina Ghandour

Sure, they say black and white aren’t colors, but most of our wardrobes would beg to differ — even during summer. Ghina Ghandour’s doesn’t, and her fashion-sense is the perfect reason to follow suit. Her wardrobe embraces all colors of the rainbow, manifested through and paired with the cutest pieces of clothing, like long skirts, basic tees and ruffled dresses.


Instagram Influencers - Ghina Ghandour


10 || Mariam Yeya

If you want your outfit to make a statement, you’re going to have to wear something that warrants that. Maria Myeya does, and does it well, with a wardrobe overflowing with outlandish, fashion-forward statement pieces. Clothes with large shoulder pads, puffy sleeves, strange cuts and prints are often worn by Myeya, but what makes her extra unique is that the rest of her outfit, too, won’t shy away from funkiness. She’ll pair statement with statement to create an outfit you know people will notice.


Instagram Influencers - Maria Myeya


11 || Halley Elefante

Boho chic is always an excellent summer look, and Halley Elefante thinks so too. Her clothes are almost always graced with pastel-hued florals or other delicate prints, and are loose, yet totally flattering. She’ll flinch from ordinary items of clothing and, rather, goes for ones with drawstrings, mild shoulder pads or a statement plunging neckline to make the look girly, yet modish.


Instagram Influencers - Halley Elefante


12 || Shoestova

Torn between wearing something traditionally stylish, and one tinted with unexpected street edge? Shoestova’s wardrobe is the perfect mediator. She doesn’t refrain from classic crochet print, ruffled feminine gear, or even a good pair of skinny jeans, but chooses to instead leave the beauty to the details. By wearing statement shoes, a classic item of clothing touched with an eccentric cut or print, and the unexpected pairing of it all together, Shoestova embraces the best of both worlds to create archetypal-type street-style.


Instagram Influencers - Shoestova