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Your Ultimate Guide To Master The Art Of Color Mixing

If you open your closet every morning and think “Do I have any other colors than black?”, you are not alone. Many of us stick to colors like black, beige, and gray simply because they are easy and straightforward to match. Other colors might be tricky, so we avoid them involuntarily.

But colors can be refreshing and add an instant lift to the most minimal outfits. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, especially if you are new to colorful outfits. It’s tricky and you should be really bold to pull off some color combos, so our advice to you is to start simple. Remember that the most important thing for any fashion newbie or even for those who have a good fashion eye but want to get better is to train your eye continuously. 


1 || Analogous Colors Are The Key


Use the color wheel. This is a great way to start if you’re having hard times mixing and matching your outfit. Analogous Colors are the ones placed next to each others on the color wheel and usually they look perfect when matched with each other. Pick a color that you feel comfortable with and mix it with a shade of the same hue. like light-blue with a teal or blue-violet, or pink with red like the look below.



2 || Embrace Monochromes


If the idea of mixing two different colors is freaking you out, go monochromatic! Pick one of your favorite colors and apply it to the whole outfit. You can choose coordinating separates or even a suit. Once you are comfortable with the idea of wearing a full outfit of a new color other than black, you can start mixing the same color, but this time in different tones. The blogger in above photo is wearing the same color hue but in different tones which makes it monochromatic too.


3 || Consider Neutrals


Basic neutrals are a must in any woman wardrobe not only because they match perfectly well with brighter colors, but also because they look super classy when matched together. Think of mixing black with brown, or navy blue with white for instance.



Also, when we say neutrals we don’t mean the basic tones only. Many other colors fall under this category, like metallics. Think outside the box and match your black top with a metallic skirt for a neutral yet more fun outfit.


4 || Primary Colors


If you own it now, you are maybe ready to play with primary colors like red, yellow and blue. These make a great color-blocked outfit.


5 || Complementary Colors Are Cool Too


Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. When matched together, complementary colors give you a powerful combination that is bold and refreshing. Match yellow with purple, fuchsia and chartreuse or burgundy and forest green. You can also mix pastel-pink with a jewel green for a contrast-colored look but in the same tone.


6 || Experiment With Accessories


If you are not ready for a full colorful look, start experimenting with accessories of different colors. Add a colorful belt maybe with different texture, writings or patterns. Or maybe try to add a colorful bag, shoe, or even an earring. This will add a cool touch to your outfit without putting so much effort.


7 || Denim Is Neutral Too


If you are in doubt go for denim. Denim can be worn as a neutral color as it matches great with any color, even blue. And this means that you can match denim too, just make sure to choose two similar shades but different enough so you don’t look too much. Try mixing a mid-wash piece with a light-wash one, or a dark-wash with mid-wash.


8 || Color-Coordinate Your Wardrobe


This one is extremely helpful. How many times you stood in front of your closet for half an hour then you choose black pieces just because it’s safer and easier to match? Well, I personally do that a lot. But believe me if you make an effort to organize your closet according to the color wheel life will become much easier… All you have to do next is to grab the main color you’d like to wear and hold the piece close to the other pieces and see which color works best with your main one. After you master the basics, unleash your creativity and come up with new color combinations.