Let’s Get Packing || Priceless Tips for a Fuss-Free Travel Wardrobe

packing tips

Summer is really not as playfully casual as it would have us believe.  There is a lot of planning and consideration that goes into looking that blissfully relaxed in the sun.  Whether its the tips and tricks of a group holiday which we delved into last week, or today’s packing tips which require quite a lot of restraint, the bottom line is… staying organized, considerate and realistic goes a long way in having a great, stress-free summer.  Read on.


No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

packing tips


If you are already imagining yourself frolicking in Ibiza in a look you have never tested, you are already in trouble.  Holidays are not the best place to experiment with new looks and combinations.  In fact, we would highly recommend you opt for looks that you love.  You may have worn them countless times in your hometown, making them less exciting options, but trust us, it’s worth sticking with what you know.



packing tips


Let’s get real as to what you will be wearing on your holiday…and then visualize it.  Start off with a single outfit that you truly love, and go from there.  Like Lego, you need to be able to build your wardrobe in a way that utilizes the pieces more than once.  Let’s say you start off with a black top and leopard print skirt.  The next outfit will need to involve one of the pieces in the first outfit, so how about white cargo pants to go with the same black top.  Or a red body suit to be pair with the leopard print skirt for a night out on the town.


Identify Your Silhouettes

packing tips


This doesn’t need to get too technical.. You just need to acknowledge whether or not an outfit is top-heavy (pouty on top) or bottom heavy (pouty on the bottom).  The last thing you need, as you create your wardrobe is to match a poufy top from outfit one, to a pouty bottom from outfit two, making you… how should we say this…poufy.

This is probably one of the most important, yet neglected points.  We often feel that matching color is paramount, but you could seriously end up with a suitcase full of color coordinated pieces that don’t match in silhouette.


Comfortable Shoes over Anything Else

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We’re willing to bet our bottom dollar that you have often taken a ton of shoes on holiday and ended up wearing two.  Holiday feet are tired, holiday feet are bloated, holiday feet are sweaty and holiday feet can be (by the end of it) in need of a serious pedicure!  You also need to make sure your shoe style matches your outfit style.. Chunky sneakers don’t really work with long skirts (you say to yourself as you stand in front of the hotel room mirror).  Always have on hand in a neutral color, a pair of worn ballerina flats, a pair of worn strappy sandals, a pair of sneakers, a pair of flip flops and a pair of party pumps.  That should do it.. We say worn because the last thing you need is to be breaking into a new pair of shoes on vacation.


Sweat You Will

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They say sweating is good for you.. just maybe not on holiday.  Be realistic as to how sweaty and wet you actually get.  Save yourself the fear and embarrassment of a wet bottom (literally) when you get off the tour bus.  This means opting for colors that disguise sweat.  There are the basics, black and white and of course print.


The Crease Solution: Stuffing and Plastic

packing tips


Creasing is a serious issue while on holiday.  That 100% linen dress looks less glamorous on than you had expected.. actually it looks more like discarded chewing gum.  The first thing you need to be is realistic in your expectations of your outfit choices.  It is best to opt for pieces that don’t wrinkle fast.  The easiest test is the scrunch test.  Simply scrunch the fabric in your hand for a few seconds and see what happens.  If there are significant creases then its not really the best option for travel.

Even if your fabric didn’t crease, you may still find it creases when you pull it out of your suitcase.  To avoid this, and the headache of trying to iron it yourself with that silly trouser press you may find in your hotel cupboard.. we suggest you wrap your dresses/ long skirts or pants in plastic.

Yes, we realize that plastic is no longer a nice word… but the good news is, we are reusing it, which makes us better global citizens 😉  Believe it or not, the plastic that your dry clean comes back in is the best non-creaser!  Keep your pieces hanging on basic wire hangers, wrapped in plastic and gently folded in your suitcase.

As for your beach hat, there is always the issue of creasing.  The best case scenario is for you to stuff the head with plenty of socks and underwear and then place it at the very bottom of your suitcase (with the top facing upwards, like you would wear it).


Smart Beauty Choices

packing tips


If half your suitcase is already filled with all your cosmetics then you have an issue.  We love our retinols, glycolic acids and sunblocks more than anyone BUT you need to opt for skincare choices that can work double duty.  It’s time to pull out the day cream with spf and night cream, leaving room in your bag for beach sunblock, calming lotion and a bite cream.  We swear by Dermaceutic’s K cream , this facial-in-a-bottle is tinted, calming, moisturizing, beautifying and SPF 50.  What’s not to love?