How Not To Wear A Black Dress Like Nicole Kidman

Black Dress-Nicole Kidman

We have a love hate relationship with Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe, sometimes it’s just perfect in our opinion and at other times not so much.Which pretty much means that she doesn’t have a ‘go-to’ stylist…If a celebrity doesn’t have their own strong sense of style, a dependable stylist can achieve this for you.Case in point Kate Young who singlehandedly launched Emma Stone and Selena Gomez as style icons in the past few years.

Nicole Kidman was in attendance at an event honoring Louis Vuitton and Nicolas Ghesquière at the Alice Tully Hall in NY on Thursday November 28, 2017.Dressed in a black Louis Vuitton kaftan style dress which did little to accentuate her svelte figure, Nicole was a perfect example of how NOT to wear a black dress…


Black Dress-Nicole Kidman


Black dresses, specifically kaftans are tricky that way…because what you see in real life may photograph in an entirely different way.Given the fact that we generally dress up in black dresses/kaftans it is safe to assume there will be lots of photography, so it’s important to get it right.

Black has the ability to appear like a big black blob in a photo, not appealing…which is why we always encourage people to choose a stiffer black fabric that will create some sort of shape or simply sculpt your own body…Nicole’s soft embroidered chiffon dress just ‘hung’ there, doing nothing to define her shape.. Even though the embroidery was heavenly, black on black embroidery doesn’t photograph well.

Another thing we usually recommend when wearing top to bottom black, is to show some skin, and she did.The side slits plus the v-neck did in fact lighten up the look.The fact that the side slits we hidden at the sides, wasn’t of much help in the camera though.It would have been better to position them closer to the front so that they were visible in the camera. The fact that it was a windy evening in NYC meant that she was holding onto her dress and modest for dear life.Honestly, Im sure she had more important things to worry about.


Black Dress-Nicole Kidman


One of the most important features to highlight in a black dress is the waistline, it helps create an hourglass that photographs better.There are a few points to consider here, firstly the blousy top and full sleeves came together in Nicole’s look to create a big black blob on top which is unfortunate.Secondly, if they were in fact keen on a belt, well they should have considered a wider one that would help with the silhouette, that teeny tiny sliver of a belt did nothing for her. Lastly, if they were in fact convinced with this look, then the stylist should have at least suggested that Nicole stand with her arms away from her body in the famous ‘O’ pose so often used on the red carpet.Celebrities in the ‘O’ pose stand with their hands on their hips, with their arms away from the body which helps to highlight the hourglass silhouette.

Nicole we love you, especially because of your role in Big Little Lies but we had to get this off our chest…