30 Styling & Fashion Tips To Keep In Mind Always

It’s quite simple in fact, after all, buying trending items, splurging on designer fashion sounds like you’re on the right track.. However, that’s not it.. It never ends there, in fact, styling and dressing up is eventually what stands out.. Harmonizing your great buys with your personality, body shape and attitude is the tricky part.. These are the things that fashion editors and stylists can spot from a million miles away. Below, 30 tips, that you have to consider if you wanna play it safe…every single time!


1 || Balance Skin Exposure

Yes, imagination and mystery are far sexier than a big reveal. Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare-and what to keep under wraps. Choose one and only one body part and show it off. Got fab legs, then cover your cleavage.. and vice versa..



2 || Own A Gazillion White Shirts..

They elevate jeans and dress down any busy piece.. Buy three, don’t over-bleach (which can cause yellowing), and refresh regularly.



3 || Accessorize With Brights

You’re a big fan of navy, black, camel, or gray, add energy with boldly hued shoes and bags. Not only is a ruby red satchel more lively than ho-hum black, but it’s also surprisingly versatile. Feeling really brave? Wear a neutral base with shoes and a bag in two different complementary colors.



4 || Hem Your Pants For A Shoe Height

Wearing pants that aren’t the right length for your shoes is taboo… To fix this, hem to either flats or heels, no going back. Generally, hems should just graze the tops of your shoes and be from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch off the floor.



5 || Go Hands Free For Evening

This will save you the burden of where to place your evening clutch or bag.. Go for a bag with a chain, it helps you hold crudités and a cocktails. Wear the chain diagonally across your body for the best effect.



6 || Memorize The Denim Recipe

The secret formula for a soft but formfitting T? 95% cotton, 5% Lycra spandex. For jeans to hold their shape, they need at least 2% Lycra.



7 || Throw On A Scarf

It’s the ultimate accessory. Stash one in your purse or carry-on to transform simple Ts in the time it takes to make a knot.



8 || Embrace Your Shape

Once you know which silhouettes flatter you, filter trends ruthlessly. For instance, if you’re petite and shapely, it’s best to avoid tall columns and billowy maxis even if you love them. Go for a dress with a defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem.



9 || Make A List

Of the 10 fave items in your closet. Purchase accordingly.. This will help you getting pieces that mesh with what you own .



10||  Prepare For Your Fitting

If you’re shopping for that ultra-important dress, get a true feel for the fit by bringing your Spanx, heels, accessories and a lipstick..These will help you get a better sense of the final result.



11 || Go A Size Down For Denim

When in doubt, go with the smaller size in jeans. They always stretch, and nothing’s more unflattering than the unintentionally baggy derrière.



12 || Master Layering Your Necklaces

More is more, and less is a bore!  You can do multiples of the same material, or better yet, go for contrast: Try a femme piece with edgy chains, feathers with beads, or pearls with diamonds…



13 || Become Open-Minded

When you think a piece is fab but so not you, pick it up and try it on.. You never know!



14 || When In Doubt Wear Nude Pumps

Matched to your skin tone, they’re a pretty safe bet. And they make legs look longer.



15 || Wearing White?

Keep in mind: White clothes always look more see-through in daylight. Check yourself out in a bright setting to be safe.



16 || Upgrade Your Buttons

Sometimes, the only giveaway that your cute jacket cost less is its cheap hardware. Swap in nicer buttons, or have a tailor do it.



17||  Mix Your Prints

Combining colors, scale, and patterns in a way that looks dynamic takes practice, but there are some basic tricks to getting it right. You can wear two prints that repeat the same colors or mix a large-scale pattern with a smaller one.



18 || Banish Your Fears

To play it safe, combine a neutral, like flax, with something bolder, like yellow. But think twice about pairing intense hues with black, which can look dated. For something punchier, try two colors that are beside each other on the color wheel, such as coral and orange.



19 || Look for Twists On Classics

The right tweak can turn a staple into a statement. Try tuxedo pants in a graphic print, a trench in silk, or the classic L.L. Bean tote in camouflage.



20 || Add An Element Of Surprise

Whether it’s a tie with sequins, a motorcycle jacket over a formal gown, an oversize choker with an easy white T, or a vivid shoe, a touch of contrast makes good outfits great.



21 || Recap Your Jewelry

Loop a chain through the clasp of a brooch. Suddenly, it’s a necklace!

Use the same jewel to add a touch of sparkle to your handbag.

Wrap your chains around your wrist for a tough luxe bracelet.

Snap clip-on earrings onto flats for an instant evening shoe.



22 || Spend On Accessories

Designer shoes, interesting jewelry, a great watch..those accessories  can really elevate your look. A wardrobe of the right little extras lets you be more relaxed about the rest of your outfit.



23 || Pair Loose With Tight

Head-to-toe baggy is a look that only few can master… However, if you cannot resist the trend, team your billowing pieces with something body-conscious, like leggings…



24 || Spruce Up Your LBD

Simpler shapes cry out for styling. Try dressy jackets or a slip-on shrug, colored shoes and bags, or tinted sheers plus booties.



25 || Dress For First Class

Traveling with comfort in mind makes sense.. However, comfy and chic enough for a surprising upgrade never hurt anyone!  A sharp blazer and scarf or a leather jacket is the unofficial uniform of jet-setters worldwide. To complete the outfit, just throw on jeans or leggings, then add flats, heels, or riding boots.



26 || Get Studs

Fake or real, big or small, they will go with any color, fabric, or style of cocktail dress and will never compete with other jewelry.



27 || Check The Rise

On trousers, the distance between the crotch and the waistband is critical to the fit. It’s also not something that’s easily altered, so make sure pants are neither too snug nor droopy in this area before you buy them. .



28 || Create A Look-Book

Snap photos of outfits you love.. You’ll have a quick reminder of what to wear the next time you’re in a rush.



29 || Own The Pump-est Pump!

This style pump will always slim down a thick ankle because the vamp is cut close to the toe box and the sides are cut away. Super-flattering.



30 || Dress For Your Body Not Age

Arms svelte enough for a sleeveless sheath? Legs toned enough for shorts? Show off what you’ve got-while you’ve still got it!