Watch || How To Roll Your Sleeves Up Like A Fashionista

Roll Sleeves Up

Every wondered why you don’t look as trendy when you roll your sleeves up at home? Well it’s because we roll them up ‘literally’ and it doesn’t work as well. The major issue we face is that the sleeve loses it’s volume and gets weighed down by the roll. The now iconic Jenna Lyons, creative director at J.Crew has made a living out of rolling up sleeves. Her work at J.Crew has catapulted the brand to ‘cool-dom’ and the sleeve has a lot to do with it. So much so that major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar refer to it as the ‘Jenna Lyon’s Sleeve Roll’. In the video below, we think the final step could need a little correction, we chose to fold the final cuff down, that’s also an option!