The Kaftan Nightmare || How Not To Wear A Kaftan!

Kaftan Nightmare

For those that have worn a blob of a kaftan in a photo, they know exactly what I am talking about. As you walk out the door, your kaftan gently fluttering with every step, you are a vision of modest chic. Till you see your photo from that night, there you are, the fashion blob to the right, no definition and certainly no chic!


Kaftan Nightmare
Arden Wohl suffers from the kaftan blob in this glittery number

The kaftan is a chameleon in its ability to make or break your style attempt, how is it that such subtle details can make a world of a difference to your look. CIIN identifies the single element that you need to keep in mind…You need to have definition.

Definition can be achieved in one of two ways, either in the cut of the kaftan or its details. If you prefer a dress with less embroidery, ensure that the cut is flattering. A defined waist, a fitted bodice or even a hip defining number, as long as a feature is defined.

For those that prefer looser kaftans, embroidery can create definition with transparency, an embroidered belt, buttons down the front (moroccan style) or even a number of panels. All help to protect you from the kaftan blob syndrome.


Ashley Olsen
Nicole Richie
Olivia Wilde
Mollie King
Rachel Zoe
Helena Bordon
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