5 Shoe Trends To Match To Your Fall Clothing Trends

Shoe Trends

I’m not sure about you, but I have often found an inconvenient disconnect between trending shoes and clothing.  It’s almost as if the shoe association didn’t have an in-depth conversation with the clothing association on the fact that the two do indeed need to be worn together.  This season, like many others, we are handed a proverbial list of trending items, which don’t often match.  Well we’ve done the work for you… Voila!


The Loafer Trend || An Inch or so, Up or Down

Shoe Trends


If there is one new shoe to add to your cupboard this season it is the chunky loafer, as seen on the Prada runway.  Often seen in black; brown is also a great addition to your wardrobe, simply because there are so many variations on brown this season.  Generally speaking, the chunkier the pair, the better they are suited to pants, not skirts (where your ankle can look disproportionate to the oversized shoe).

So how do we actually wear these shoes with the pants of the season?  An Inch or so, up or down.  If you are opting for the high waisted, center-pleated, wide-leg pant then make sure the leg is flowing, and almost puddling around the shoe.. this is what we call ‘an inch or so down’, as in longer than you usually go.

Alternatively if you opt for the straight leg, mom pant, then go an inch or so shorter than usual.  Allow a little bit of ankle to show.  In the wide leg pant, the high waist serves to create a feminine silhouette, in this pant, it is the ankle that will add the feminine touch.


The Rubber Boots Trend || We Need An Overlap

Shoe Trends


The folks at Bottega have dictated the boot of the season, an unlikely rubber, outdoorsy style that you may find hard to match.  The basic rule is, overlap!  Ensure that your hemline, whether a slinky knit dress or a pant simply touches the boot, with at least an inch of room for comfortable movement, and for the proportions to work best.

The neck of these boots are generally quite narrow, which makes tucking your pant in quite unattractive because there is most likely too much fabric to tuck in.  Making the matching clothing item too short will highlight the Bozo the clown shape of the boot itself, which is never a good thing. If you are wondering what would incline us to purchase a Bozo the Clown style boot in the first place, it’s called ‘trend’.


Mary Janes || A Window to Your Femininity

Shoe Trends


Mary Janes are not trending, they never really went away.  The style, made famous by Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu, has become a staple of the fall wardrobe, often worn with ankle socks for effect.  These shoes are best worn with a cropped generous leg pant or midi skirt.  This combination has less to do with the pant however and more to do with the coat, which is usually an egg shape in this case.  Again, the egg shape coat is no longer a fad but a staple of every season, made popular by Giambattista Valli.  The egg shape coat doesn’t help define your female form, which is ultimately what fashion is about.. or should be.  In order to compensate for the lack of waist on show, these jackets generally have shorter than usual sleeves, which serve to show our feminine wrists.  The same is true of the pants, they need to show off our feminine ankles, that are further highlighted by the Mary Jane strap.


Over The Knee Boots || It’s All In The Balance

Shoe Trends


If you do opt for a over the knee boot style, either in a heel or flat version, you will probably need to wear skinny pants so they sit properly.  In which case you will need to wear a fluid coat on top to keep the proportions in check.  The cape is a fine combination for the over the knee boot, as it gives just enough coverage..  This style boot is not for the faint hearted as it is often associated with raunchiness.. This can however be underscored with a great coat, and a pair of leggings.

Another interesting iteration of this trend is the high low style that is making the rounds.  You could consider your over the knee boots (preferably with a lower heel) matched to a pair of mid thigh shorts or a mini-skirt, which is then matched to a generous, long coat that is left open. The variation of lengths; the high boots, short bottom and long coat create interest, particularly in a traditional color combination of tan and beige.


The Ruched or Stretchy Knee High Boot

Shoe Trends


If you love skirts then you will love this trend.  The ruched knee high boot was really made for the skirt this season.  In previous seasons it has been matched to a legging style pant, as this is not really part of the Fall trends, we would rather keep it for skirts, as opposed to attempting to tuck a men’s pant into the boots (which many tried this fashion week to little success).. These boots look great with an A-line skirt and matching jacket or sweater.  As always, allow for an inch of room between the two pieces.

As for the stretchy knee length sock boot, which is a regular on the Victoria Beckham runways, these look great with either cropped men’s pants (which have also become a wardrobe staple) or a knee length skirt.  In this case, the boot needs to reach up further than the hemline, to create a streamline silhouette.