3 Sweater Trends To Follow Now || And 3 To Kiss Goodbye

Sweater Trends To Follow Now

Take a look around you and feel the vibes, sweater season is finally upon us! Personally I cannot wait to dive into my cosy knits and feel that instant wooly warmth.. As I tidied up my winter closet I realized I had a a number of turtlenecks, crewnecks and cashmere sweaters of various styles however, just by taking a thorough glimpse I could tell which ones are in and which ones are asking to go back to storage.. We’ve rounded up 3 sweater styles trending this season, and those styles that are simply dated..

1 || In: Balloon Sleeves || Out: Ruffles

As much as we loved our sweaters spruced up with ruffle galore last year, this year balloon sleeves are having a serious moment.. A mini frill here or there won’t do you harm by the way, but give those giant flounces a break.. Aim for roomy sleeves right now, they’re uber trendy and more on the classic side..


Sweater Trends

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2 || Out: Cutouts, Cold Shoulders and Open Backs || In: Multicolored V Necks and High Necks

Let’s put it this way, what’s the point of a sweater? Warmth comes in first, save your peek-a-boos and open shoulders for summer.. Stock up on more decent styles, we are seeing a lot of v-neck sweaters as well as multi-colored knits that are trending this moment..


Sweater Trends

3 || Out: Knits Only Paired With Denim Or Trousers || In: Sweaters Paired With Skirts

Pairing cosy knits with textured or silk skirts is all over instagram and street style! It’s officially the new fall uniform! Individually, sweaters and skirts are both closet staples, but when combined, the two are unstoppable… Embrace the duo for an instant fashion upgrade…


Sweater Trends