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6 Updated Fashion Staples That Will Shake Up Your Wardrobe

Although fashion trends change continuously, there are pieces that we just can’t let go easily so they become staples… This season got its staples too but in an updated way. In this article, we are going to highlight the updates that happened on our most essential items.


1 || Luxe Sweats


Expected, right? Sweat pajamas have become one of the most needed and worn items in the past year as comfort tops our fashion priorities list. And it is a staple right now. This season’s sweats kept the same style and silhouette but with different fabrics such as men’s wear, tailored pants, and new technology fabrics. Whether you are getting back to your work, or your friends or family gatherings you will need your sweats to get you through. Choose your favorite fabric tracksuit for a piece that flawlessly mixes chic and comfort.


2 || White With Character


Yep, no wardrobe is complete without at least two white shirts. It is basic, but not that basic anymore. This season, your regular white shirt is gone, replacing it a more charactered one. It’s all about details, choose a white shirt with embroidery, cutouts, ruffles, or puffy sleeves for an outfit that will easily take from the office or zoom meeting to the beach. Choose an updated style and dress it up or down accordingly.


3 || Hip Grazing Blazer


The oversized blazer of Marc Jacobs and the fitted one of Balmain Had this moment but no longer trending. This season’s blazer is oversized but hangs softly with no sharp details like bold shoulders. It is not a formal and classic piece anymore. The blazer is much more than that. It is a wardrobe essential that can be worn anytime and anywhere, literally! Take it to your zoom meetings, late dinners, or lunch gatherings with no hesitation. The best thing about it is that you can dress it up or down depending on your occasion. Match it with your denim and a white t-shirt for a day outfit or mix it with your slip dress for a glamorous night look.


4 || Sport Sandals With A Twist


Fashion houses took sport sandal to the next level for spring. We saw the tweed version on Chanel’s runways and the beautiful leather one on Fendi’s. The updated sport sandals are the piece of the season, match them with your beach or day outfits and you are good to roll.


5 || Jewelry


Accessories are not only for embellishing your outfits this season, their role is much deeper than that… They tell so much about your personality and style. That said, you may want to say goodbye to your simple layering and delicate pieces and replace them with more statements ones. Layers are also welcomed with chunky pieces… No rules here, just one… Be yourself, express yourself freely with no limits. Try mixing stones with chunky chains. A scarf would be a great addition to your stack. Rings stack is a great addition too. Your hoops are magical but a single earring will add a rebellious touch to any look.


6 || The Updated Jeans


No doubt we all agree on denim. A piece that we can take anywhere and match with literally everything… Really, what not to love?  Denim this season puts comfort first, cropped and skinny jeans have been replaced with loose and long ones. A good pair of jeans is all that you need to get the perfect look at any time… Pair it with a simple knit top or play it smart by matching your favorite denim with your statement sleeves top for the greatest impact.