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Affirmations || The Thing You Didn’t Know About Them


#Affirmations comes from the words affirm which means: “to show or express a strong belief in or dedication to” – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Affirmations can be anything from a word, a sentence, a term that you repeat to yourself in order to bring to life a certain something within yourself; a new emotion, a state of being, a way of living, or a new character trait.


I am whole, I am confident, I live in abundance, I believe that everything is working for my highest good, love, peace, eternal joy… all of these are examples of affirmations.


Affirmations help reprogram a limiting belief or re-write an old story through repetition. This is linked to the concept of #autosuggestion and that is when you use your conscious mind to keep suggesting something to yourself over and over again in order to reprogram you subconscious mind.


How Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations have a secret formula for them to work and have the effect that you desire. But before I spill this secret to you, I want you to keep in mind that affirmations don’t work well with expectations. They lose all their power when the word “should” comes to play.


They should have worked by now, I should feel something, things should change.” All of this is the antidote of affirmations; what they actually need is true faith and belief in the process.


Affirmations need deep grounded patience and openness to receive the magic of these words. So, take it easy and hop off the expectations train!


Now, let’s talk secret formula. Affirmations need two things to work their magic:


1|| Repeat Them In The Mind:

Use your conscious mind to repeat the affirmations mentally with clarity. This will help to send the message you need to the universe openly and undoubtedly.


2|| FEEL Them In The Heart:

when you say the words allow yourself to feel them in your body, allow your emotions to be part of the process. This will help make you a MAGNET to what you desire.


So, in the process of affirmations the mind is as important as the heart and vice versa. I always say to my clients: say them in the mind, feel them in the heart.


Dr. Joe Dispenza says; by doing that you are training your body to live the future you need now in this moment.

Last but not least, keep repeating those affirmations to yourself as much as you can; from one hundred to four hundred times a day. The more the merrier.


The more you repeat the words in your head, the more you feel them in the body, the more you become them and then it’s just a matter of time until you BECOME THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE.


I’ll be sharing with you my All Time Chosen Affirmations Card Deck soon. Stay tuned!! 

Comment below for any questions or insights, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Peace & Love,

Sara xx

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