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7 Benefits of Cupping Therapy!

Cupping Therapy

A centuries-old form of therapy; cupping therapy seems to be having a moment nowadays or a come-back …we are yet to find out. But we thought it fitting for you and us to learn more about it since there seems to be some sort of a celebrity craze going on! Cupping therapy is considered an ancient form of alternative medicine dating back to Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Chinese cultures, and has many benefits including pain management, improved circulation, and relaxation to name a few.

The simple concept involves the use of cups applied to the skin for a few minutes to create suction. Glass, bamboo, clay, and silicone cups are used to raise the skin over the muscles to help expand blood vessels and capillaries to improve circulation. It is believed that new nutrient and oxygen-rich blood will circulate the area and provide the needed healing by carrying away pain-causing toxins. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that this helps in improving the flow of energy in the body.

Older methods involved setting a small fire to a flammable substance in a cup and placing it upside down on the skin as the fire goes out. Suction is created when the fire dies. Modern versions involve the use of squeezable silicone cups that can be moved over the skin for a massage-like effect. Practitioners nowadays combine cupping therapy with other modes of therapy such as acupressure, heat and massage therapy to induce the needed results.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy:


1 || Clear Skin

A new trend going around right now is facial cupping. Cupping is believed to improve the skin’s appearance by improving circulation and jumpstarting the production of collagen and elastin. It is believed that cupping can heal many conditions such as acne scars, cellulite, and eczema.


Cupping Therapy


2 || Anti-Aging

Some dermatologists are using cupping as means of helping the skin better absorb anti-aging treatments to minimise wrinkles, fine lines and such. It also helps to de-puff the face by allowing excess fluids to be flushed out.


Cupping Therapy


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3 || Detoxing

Cupping is used to help the body fight infections and detox by flushing away toxins and dead cells through the lymphatic system. When used this way it is recommended to drink plenty of water after a session.


Cupping Therapy


4 || Pain Relief

One of the main objectives of cupping therapy is to provide relief from various pains be they muscular such as neck and back pains, or rheumatoid pains or even cancer. Cupping works by causing inflammation of the tissues by bringing in more blood to the area to restart the healing process. Many athletes favour this method to heal their injuries as cupping helps heal the knots and adhesions in the tissues.


Cupping Therapy


5 || Relaxation

Cupping is sometimes used instead of deep-tissue massages as it gives the same relaxing effect.


Cupping Therapy


6 || Digestion

Cupping therapy can be performed on the abdomen to minimise stress-related abdominal problems such as gases, diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation and chronic stomach pain.


Cupping Therapy


7 || Respiratory Problems

When cupping therapy is performed on the chest it can help clear out all chest-related problems such as congestion, phlegm, asthma, as well as help with the normal cold and cough.


Cupping Therapy