Eid Holiday Mode || Bring On Those Calories

Eid Holiday Mode

We literally only got back to real life from our holiday mode, only to be hit with this Eid holiday. No one is complaining about holiday time, but we were only just starting to work off all the extra weight we piled on during the holidays. So, we have 5 more days of temptations and this is what you should do about it.

Portion control is the name of the game. There is one assumption that we can comfortably make when we talk about eating. Most of the time when we eat it has much more to do with appetite than with actual hunger. Which makes us question quantities… How much do we need to consume to satisfy our appetites ? Not much actually !


Eid Holiday Mode


Maybe its our conditioning as children, having to finish our plate. Or maybe its our mindless eating habits that just keeps on going till its all gone… Do you actually savor every bite ?We are asking you to eat mindfully.Focus on your food, enjoy it, eat what you love and eat what you need.

They say that it take 20 minutes for your brain to figure out that you are actually full, but the truth is, are you that attuned to your body anyway? And who says we stop when we are full. Consciously choose to have that konafah that you really feel like tasting, and do just that, taste it, enjoy it, then set it down, or better still, take it to the kitchen where you can’t see it anymore.