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No Time To Meditate? Aiyah Will Help You Out!



1 || “I don’t know how to meditate can you teach me?” 



This is one of the most frequent phrases I hear when people are starting to explore their spiritual path. I always laugh because I see in people what I see in myself when I get asked this question. We all have this need to make sure our actions are being done correctly, perhaps to give us some reassurance that everything we do in our lives is done to bring us a certain level of fulfilment. Meditation is personal, there is no right or wrong way of doing things. Society has led us to believe that certain things should be done a certain way. However, when it comes to living the truth of your soul, that can’t be done with a checklist or be found on wikiHow. (I mean they do have articles on How to Meditate… but you get my point… right?)

My personal definition of meditation is ‘anything that you do that brings you inner peace and joy.’ Whether it’s dancing, singing, taking an art class, volunteering, writing, reading, taking a walk, coming up with answers to resolve world peace, or simply hanging out with your loved ones …the list goes on and on…




When you bring consciousness and awareness to these activities, combined with a sense of appreciation and gratitude for those moments, that’s when you gain the same emotional benefits that you get sitting down and breathing for hours.

Just keep it simple!


2 || “I have too many thoughts, I think I’m doing it wrong!”



Allow me to let you in on a little secret. YOUR GAZILLION THOUGHTS ARE A PART OF IT! A part of meditation is bringing all those thoughts to the surface so you can release any emotions that no longer serve you. So you can differentiate what thoughts are really yours and what thoughts you created out of fear, doubt or anxiety. Our thoughts affect the way we feel. The whole point of meditating is to let go of those “negative emotions” so you can become more aware of the positive emotion which is love and love is who you are… truly are.




3 || “I don’t have time to sit there for hours and just ZEN!”



Neither do I! But I do have 24 …

Every moment is a given opportunity to connect with ourselves. When we say we don’t have enough time to do the things we love or to include meditation in our lives, then it’s as if we’re saying that we don’t have time to care for ourselves. I’m not saying to drop everything and go sit on top of a mountain and isolate yourself. What I’m saying is try to find time to sit with yourself and see the beauty and lessons that lie within the silence in your surroundings, not necessarily your thoughts.


4 ||“I tried it, but I have to get back into it again!”



You don’t HAVE to do anything! I used to think I had to meditate every single day or else the universe wasn’t going to have my back, my world was going to fall apart, and I wasn’t going to manifest the things I desired. I was meditating out of fear! My mother; who is my first spiritual teacher, would always remind me that the minute I start doing things out of fear that’s when it becomes religious. If you’re happy living your life with anxiety then that’s fine, if you’re not, then get back into it! Your soul will guide you to get back into any kind of spiritual practice when you feel ready. Just have faith in yourself to take the first step to get back into any form of meditation that will fulfil you.

If you’re a millennial like myself and you’ve gotten this far in reading this article consider that you just meditated;) I did mention that reading is a form of mediation didn’t I…




I just want to leave you with a small quote my sister shared with me, which I would love for you to read and contemplate. At the end of the day, meditation is a tool that can help us feel at peace with ourselves so we can radiate that energy onto the world!


Silence is a song I never heard before-

Haya Maraka


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