Vogue Does Wellness With Limited-Edition Dirty Lemon Tonic!!

ogue - Dirty Lemon Tonic

When Vogue do things they do things exceptionally well!! Vogue and Dirty Lemon (the New York City wellness company) collaborate together on a limited-edition elixir based on the company’s namesake ingredient, lemons. This detox tonic is supposed to boost immunity and provide anti-oxidant properties like no other.

Dirty Lemon gained “Instagram” popularity due to its eye-catching cool designs and its celebrity following such as the likes of Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, and Cardi B. Their immunity-boosting drinks help cleanse our systems by using ingredients such as collagen, activated charcoal, ginseng, and matcha which help raise metabolism, sharpen mental focus, and increase fat burn while delivering anti-oxidants and amino acids. The company considers itself at the “intersection of fashion, food, wellness, and technology” trying to accommodate the demand of the modern consumer. Thus a collaboration with Vogue was the perfect platform as they are considered the ultimate “cultural standard for the fashion industry.”


Dirty Lemon Tonic


The core of the recipe for this detox tonic includes fresh pureed ginger to provide digestive immunity while balancing the blood sugar levels. Hibiscus, (or Karkadaih in Arabic) is added to provide support to liver function and metabolism. While acerola, which is a type of cherry, is another active ingredient in this tonic and it provides a strong dose of vitamin C that helps in the regeneration of cells and tissues. Bottled in sleek matte black bottles with a shiny V, this sweet and tart potion mixes ocean minerals, Himalayan pink sea salt and monk fruit which provides natural sweetness without the sugar dose.

If you’re interested in Vogue’s wellness experiment, check out Dirty Lemon x Vogue tonics on dirty lemon.com. They are sold in packs of six for $55, add another ten dollars and you get yourself a yearly subscription of the most covetable magazine on earth.


ogue - Dirty Lemon Tonic